A Rebellious, Lost Generation

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Comment (45)

  1. shalom Family Teachers. last Tuesday evening to Wednesday at midday the battle to end 400 hundred years of slavery locked down under the Haitian Levitical priests ended

  2. We turned from being good to being no better than Yah鈥檚 enemies justified our abandonment unless we repent. Halleluyah

  3. My 2 cents just a guess something to think about!!! As me and Our Father talk as we do he told said something to me about the stripper poles that is popular. That is has to do with the Astarte poles that was mentioned in the Bible Exodus 34:13. That's why they dance on them it is worship to Astarte the strippers may not understand that but that what it is also the Maypole it is the same thing sexually. #STAYWOKE!!!

  4. Unfortunately, the younger generation are rebellious against slavery happening to them without educating themselves about who they are or where they have come from oblivious of the evil path they are being led on. So sad 馃槥

  5. My 2 cents at this point we were past the bubble gum, super soft, hold me tight warm fuzzy feeling into some REAL STUFF! AIN'T THAT WHY WE LEFT THE WORLD TIRED OF THE GLITTER, SPARKLY , COMFY, COZY, WRAP UP, LOVEY-DOVEY, SOFT, SEDUCING LIE!!! If I was thirsty I would drink tap, spring, creek, maybe even puddle water if I was desperate for it (lifestraw or not) just like the WORD (my LIFE-GVING WATER) harsh or not . I FEAR GOD AND KNOW IT IS NOT A GAME SO HAVE AT IT!!! That's is why WE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR HIM PEOPLE THINK HE IS A JOKE like they gonna finagle or talk their way OUT OF JUDGEMENT!!!

  6. 25:30…. Wow…. That is the generation we are in now…. Especially the "does not bless their mothers". I am not a mother, but it pains me to see how the mothers in our community getting shamed and devalued as humans. Especially the single mothers. They are literally being told they have no worth because they are a mother. Completely insane.

    And the people telling them this have a very HIGH opinion of themselves.

    More proof that the Bible is about us…. Although it is sad and pathetic proof.

  7. You can tell the tree by the fruit that it bare. Younger people are a reflection of their environment the bigger society and yes their parents. They are a reflection of sin from the generation before them. Maybe praying for them instead of cursing them would be the best course of action. Maybe looking at our own sins and repenting would serve us all well.

  8. Deuteronomy 1:39
    39 Moreover your little ones, which ye said should be a prey, and your children, which in that day had no knowledge between good and evil, they shall go in thither, and unto them will I give it, and they shall possess it.

  9. Thank you for this message! Blessed you and your wife continue to spread the TRUTH! Pray for my children!

  10. I have three sons and I'm always talking to them about what's going on. I just sent all three of them this powerful message. Thank you so very much all your family does by spreading the word to us

  11. Shalom In the Name of YAHUAH,

    Just needed to let you all know that I my family was cursed by the video you posted with the red devil man. I wasn鈥檛 subscribed to your other channel; however, it came through my feed. Watchman your wife鈥檚 discernment is off, and you should have been able to lead her as her head to know the difference between giving information that edifies the body as opposed to cursing Israel.

    This is not to bash you, it is a rebuke in love. Watchman as a man of Israel, you should have not approved that demonic segment. Like I said before, that demonic entity came through my feed, I wasn鈥檛 searching for it, but it was searching for a home to find. How many other families were effected all because your wife鈥檚 discernment is either off or very numb. Did you both pray to seek The Most High鈥檚 approval to post that? No! You both should repent for cursing YAHUAH鈥檚 people by being careless with the gift he has given to you. My family and I had to pray hard to get a release and that demonic image out of our home and minds.

    Watchman, your house is in trouble, and you will be at enmity with YAHUAH for passively along your wife to post such curses.

    My family has started a 5 day fast for you and Debora鈥橸AH鈥檚 release and for YAHUAH to show you what you鈥檝e done. Please repent Watchman and bring g your house in order under YAHUAH. Deborah鈥橸AH has a gift, but she is not suppose to produce demonic material like the red devil, nor is she suppose to teach on Shabbath.

    Receive YAH鈥檚 message and repent, seek His face and bring order, otherwise the blood of the people will be on your head Watchman for you have not watched over what YAHUAH has given.

    This is not to demean your character, however, it is to Bring you awareness of your transgressions.

  12. For some reason I had this feeling of loss come over me then you both come on my cell phone. And, lo' now I am Grounded … This is what I needed to hear again and again and again. ABBA YAH I praise you. APTTMH Elohiym – YAHUWA, Selah!

  13. This is why I think they purposely put some kind of animosity between the different generations. It's almost like the children grow up thinking the older generations are stupid and weak. They think they know everything. I tell you, an agenda has been pushed on them before their brain is fully mature. I can feel the negative energy on a great many of them. The family that didn't want the land just wanted the money from the sell. It happened to my grandfather's land. He tried to change his will and give it all to me, but passed before he could. His children decided to sell馃槩

  14. I have recently subscribe to your channel ! I have been following your family for a while now ! I want to say this there's a group thats trying to line you up as being demonic ! They are trying to say our Messiah Yahshua is demonic translation and YHWH Heavenly Father Creator is of the devil ! When I watch this video I knew Satan was trying to take me off the right path and make me doubt ! But YAH Holy spirit quickly strengthen me ! Stay blessed always Shalom !

  15. I was the one who wanted to know about the fringes and it was not meant for outward appearance.

  16. I don鈥檛 need someone to give me advice on head wraps I 鈥榤 .learning like a lot of us are learning. Shalawarn. Stop putting sisters down that are trying to learn,

  17. Many will be astonished when they find out that the most high God is a monad with none above him and he is totally unknown. Why would satan allow for his name to be in the KJV. A jealous god reminds me of yaldabaoth who says the same thing. Our people have been slaughtered and we still believe we know god by name and it is said 2/3rds are gonna be cut off and die and the strange thing is that everyone think they are part of the 1/3rd that will be saved which is more than the 2/3rds so somebody is a liar. None is good and all falls short. I believe in the true most high ineffable whose name cannot be uttered. Your reading from a defected book case close. What is unconditional love? No race should have to endure all of their generations being slaughtered

  18. Everytime I hear you talk about how you are raising you kids I so wish you were my parents. I so wish I was raised in a functional Yah fearing home. Me being a single parent trying by all means to guide and raise a Yah fearing daughter is hard I cry about this but I know am not alone coz YAHUAH is by side. But the root of all my troubles span from a generational curse of no successful marriage and no Yah fearing warriors in my DNA but am glad I am in the light 馃馃檹馃檶

  19. They've been planning on how to destroy the Black race for ages – whether it be via slavery, Jim Crow, the Crack pandemic, COINTELPRO, police brutality and so on with AAs, and neo-colonization, slavery, Apartheid, sanctions, genocide and the looting of precious minerals & resources with Africans. Now with the most powerful tool that they've been using to gain control of our minds and turn us against righteousness and TMH Yah – tel-lie-vision – it seems like most of our people are lost and doomed. Even though they've been trying to get rid of all of us for centuries, they'll never succeed as there will always be a remnant left of the Israelites – the true children of Jacob – who worship The Father in spirit and in truth, worldwide, throughout the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 11:11 & 12).

  20. I love that scripture of the prodigal son. I always can relate. For I was a wretched man who wasted my life, but the grace and mercy of Yahushua is great, all glory to him and his esteem. All Praise to the Most High Yahuah. For I rather be a servant at my father's house than to live outside his gates. I was just a dumb kid for I knew not what I was doing.

  21. Great lesson as always may you all remain blessed Halleluyah thankyou for these teachings 馃檹馃徏馃グ


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