Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. They definitely didn't teach this in school! It's nice to see our people in a different light beside chains and iron around their necks! Glory to the Most High! Thanks TCA ❤️

  2. We've really been duped!!! When I was taught his story in school, I was led to believe there wasn't a black person in the whole of the UK and, if there were, they were slaves! The Dark Ages, Stuarts, Jacobeans were just glossed over and if you didn't ask teacher, teacher didn't say or some tale was said to placate your inquisitive mind. Now we're coming full circle. Our presence in his story wants to be deleted by they who boasted of his story in the first place, because now brilliant videos like this, books, etc. is make more and more people (of all races) "woke" and uncomfortable with their own story.

  3. 🎯🎯🎯🎯 THIS🎯🎯🎯🎯
    As one who studied world "literature", these obvious items were omitted in discussions & research altogether – unless you did it on your own OR traveled outside of your country. Many of us have done both.
    This would be an INCREDIBLE class to take for those who have schools that aren't afraid of the truth OR seek to hide it (like they are trying to hide their atrocities against us by removing/changing/and deflecting history now…CRT scare, anyone?)

  4. Excellent TCA! So very Thought Provoking! You probably know Dante Fortson’s book called ‘Undeniable’, I think it would be great to see the evidence you’ve gathered in this video also in a book for the generations to come.

  5. Check out the tapestry named "The Wild Man & Moors" from the 1440's. Zoom in on it & see just who lived in the castles & royal estates in the UK prior to our ancestors Trans Atlantic enslavement

  6. Family, we are no longer asleep, as you can see our brethren was over the entire planet. THIS EARTH BELONGS TO US! We will be restored to our rightful positions study, and relearn and teach your children, godchildren and grandchildren the truth. Many schools have gone back to remote learning the time is now. Who else is better to teach our children it's us.

  7. I use to get put in FB jail every black history month for showing this history mid 2000s. Even our own would defend the lies and call them well dressed slaves. Glad to see that Yah has opened Yasharal eyes and ears to knowing how great we were and that our restoration will be greater still. 2 Timothy 2:15. TCA keep pushing you are a blessing to the nation. APTTMHYBY

  8. THANK YOU, BROTHER! Out of all the videos I've seen, this one will stand out because you help us to see hidden truths–images of ourselves as we once were and will soon be again!

    ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH for your continuous efforts to shed light on who we really are!

    (Nice to see the resemblance between you and your father and grandfather.)

  9. 🐇🕳️‼️The Globus Crucifer in Hebrew hands🤔🤔…. Roman Emperors held them as symbols of Global Domination or Authority. Christians hold it as symbol of Spiritual Authority, Saviour or Domination. Theorized to be a symbol of Reset or New Global Order.

  10. The black Royalty Lusted after Pale skin=The Fall! If you can’t Comprehend the History, we’ll repeat it. Blacks begot PALE sons into already established BLACK power=ORIGINAL BLACK ESTABLISHED WORLD ORDER!The reason whites were able to hide BLACK HISTORY is because the Royals were having their portraits painted with light skin. And I only say it because I see the mixing today. people posting light skin pictures today..when they know they’re dark. Africans bleaching. It’s a repeat of the past. The Royals actually created eggshell makeup. The Past will continue to Repeat when you don’t know your history.


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