A transhumanist utopia | Anders Sandberg

Anders Sandberg discusses achieving a transhumanist utopia.

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From the objectives of the transhumanist movement, to actioning these objectives through science and to the importance of risk evaluation in dealing with modern technologies, Anders Sandberg delves into how we’re preparing for a transhumanist Utopia.

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Anders Sandberg is the James Martin Fellow at the Future of Humanity Insitute at Oxford University whose research centres on the ethical and social implications of future technologies and human enhancement.

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Comment (16)

  1. Crispr-Cas-9 is the FUTURE!

    ENHANCE biology and use the solid foundation that is the HUMAN BODY (which was crafted at the molecular level by Nature and evolved over BILLIONS OF YEARS since biogenesis).

    Build up & MODIFY – don't start from scratch (i.e. cyborgs, digital minds, etc.)

  2. The transhumanistst party Harley partly responsible for this virus before the great cleansing took place it was decided the resources that were pulled were more than enough for our species to not only live but thrive the supernova explosion of your son.

  3. It is better for us if we go extinct. Let the animals live peacefully here without us. It won't stop at transhumanism, it will go farther and farther until we kill each other.

  4. From a Judeo-Christian perspective, this is the same thing the serpent offered Eve in the Garden of Eden: a way to become like God by their own devices separate from God. Only, the serpent, while never exactly lying, left out the bad consequences.


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