A True WARRlOR: Outward boy, inward King

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Comment (47)

  1. I pray over my husband , tell those demons not today !!! When he’s weak I’m strong Halleluyah .. We have the victory, powerful message Shalom family …

  2. @watchmen when I was a little girl . My mother was a pianist for churches and she was a song writer and she invited a African lady to teach us a song for black history . And song was called I been wash in the blood of Yah .. but it was in African language and 2 months ago I was at work start singing this song and then I realized that yah name came to me as s little girl and I’m the only one 25 years later .That found out who Yah is and why did he tell me at work in a quite place that you have always knew my name it’s just more clearly now , I just wanted to tell my story I call my husband and he said wow !! You are they only family that understand . Thanks for listening Daughter of A King ..

  3. Stay on guard as a spiritual warrior everyday!!! Started my day with this 🔥 lesson family thawada peace and blessings!!!

  4. Thank you very much for this series. As a teen I would tell myself I am strong enough and tough enough to overcome anything. I stopped saying it and got my butt beat a few times until Yah woke me up and started teaching me. I am strong, I am fearless in Yahuah.

  5. Thank you Watchman and Sis. Deborah, with all the mess going in in the Nation (hebrew) right now this message really refreshed my ruach and encouraged me once again to get in the position that Yah has placed me and to fight! Thank you!

  6. Halleluyah this is exactly what I needed, may the anointing of the Most High continuously be upon you and your household… "Shalawam"

  7. Didn't catch the live broadcast, Im listening now! HallaluYAH! Im a warriorette! Thank you for the Bible Lesson Shalom.

  8. Yes HalleluYAH 🙌🏻Todah Rabbah for being a BLESSING from Yah!!!! I’m so grateful to the two of u and ur talented family❤️ powerful wisdom may the light continue to shine and shelter in abundance in Yah’s will of grace of how much his children of light are #loved HalleluYAH!!! All the praise 🙌🏻✨🕊❤️ shalom

  9. All praises to The Most High YAH. Thank you, for this great message brother Watchman and sister Deborah. This was absolutely great teaching. I am dealing with a lot pertaining to my 23 year old son with autism. I try lot of herbs to help him also changed his diet he lost over 30 pounds. I’m still dealing with some behavioral issues, I have fast and I pray to The Most High YAH. I will continue to fight for my son. Please pray for me family. I also meditate on your videos. I’m the only one in my family that is awake, I do not celebrate any pagan days following the statue and judgement of Torah the best of my ability. I’m am so blessed that The Most High led me to your channel. I’m trying to find some property for me and my son to get away from the city if it The Most High will. Thank you, so very much and may The Most High continue to bless you and your family 💕

  10. Beautiful topic and well handled! God bless you both. It is good you are EXCITED when talking about warriors my brother, because God has trained our arm for battle, and in the near future we have Armageddon to fight, when heights and the depths are cleansed from all sin, and the Kingdom of God is established forever.

  11. Thank you,thank you “messengers of the most high! May the most high continue to use you for our edifying and learning! I am excited and empowered!

  12. I was having problems @ my last job them gentiles was thinking that was controlling everything them demons was all over them .. I ask him to show me enemies and he did .. And it’s was only me and another Israelite as supervisor. And I will start speaking let no weapon shall form against me shall prosper . I would mediate on Yah would take care of my enemies and serval mouths later yah shut down the hold company all them that thought they had power lost it all they had to split up and the man supervisor had none of them backs .. and yah said I got you cover we had 30 days before departure of our job yah gave me a new job 2 days after they said our company was closing 🙌🏾 ply yah want he do it . They ask me how you find a job so fast I said my father.. Thank you Yah …


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