A Vicious Cycle of Life Lessons

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  1. I have learned that there is no justification for the wrong doing Im learning alot of things and the generation of curses is real my son lives with me and as I did he grew up in the church my mother always had my son in church I never really liked going to church because I wasn't gaining anything my eyes where open when my cousin came to me and she started having me listen to you and stephen darby the lion of YAH I was so amazed at the teaching so I started teaching my children but I knew I couldn't force it because I was still learning im still learning but my oldest is the one he is so driven with church that he has fallen into Baal he does things im learning is wrong so we use to argue about it he celebrate holidays I don't anymore he always saying God talks to him about certain things and I tell him boy YAH is not speaking to you look at what you doing he is the one that will argue me up and down about it I asked what do what you wearing to church have to do with praising YAH he don't care about mickey mouse nike etc… And I believe he is gay well I found something and is and I don't like it and I was in denial for along time but I tell all the time talk to YAH ask him to help you your spirit is soft stop doing stuff like a female always on the phone with the church chat is I call them I said don't no man be on the phone all the time with females cackling he dresses nice but them ripped tight jeans I hate it im not perfect im learning to Ive stopped doing alot but I thank YAH for his knowledge I just pray for him to snap out of it my last 2 they listen my 21 year old son is engaged with a child he is learning my daughter is also learning she is 19 they still learning life but they listen Im thankful for my children but they know I don't play about YAH and they know I care more about what YAH gone do to me more than I care about anything else Halleluyah

  2. This sermon was made for me 😭😭 I keep on repeating same mistakes over and over. And the past two days YAHUAH has been communicating with me through dreams warning me and ensuring me that I will get over it🤞🙌🙏

  3. Deuteronomy 6:4-5.. Love Yah with all of our HEARTS AND SOUL.. NOT JUST our HEART but our SOUL and STRENGTH as well💛.. We can't choose which one to love GOD with when it says those 3!!!

  4. You teach so well & clear & warn with precious truth. Love y'all for that. Thank you & all praise to almighty YAH.🙏💜👑👑

  5. Hey brother hey sister how are you doing I'm not sure if you have any type of connection with the motherland of Africa but I'm hearing from a popular source who goes by the name of Dr mumbi she said a lot of Africans or maybe just a general area where they believe that we've picked our parents before birth in the spiritual realm just asking to see if you know anything about this or what is your opinion about this information

  6. Shalawam, great teaching, great message, I pray not to make the same mistakes and to purge out all unrighteousness, I'm learning a lot from the Cepher Bible as well, all praises to The Most High Yah, the consuming 🔥.

  7. Shalom my bro in Mashiach. I first started watching your uploads as far back as 2013 but didn't subscribe to your channel until 2015. This is my first time leaving a comment.
    There is something that's been plaguing my mind for a few days now..so there's been a few videos on YouTube about the 3 days of darkness. I think 2 those persons who have posted videos declared themselves to be prophets & have given dates for the 3 days of darkness to take place on the 4th of April & will continue to the 7th of April this 2021 Gregorian calendar yr..its now the 6th day & nothing have happened yet..I'm not sure if you or your wife have seen or heard about those videos..but what are your thoughts about it?
    Now on to what's stirring up my spirit..now some time ago in last year could be early this year I had a vision about the darkness in my vision it was as if it was a working day not sure of the time in the vision but the sun was half way in the sky at the time I saw the darkness spreading out over the earth covering it in entirety.. the revelation I got was a voice from heaven saying to me & the sun shall cease to give it's light for many days & the moon & stars shall withdraw its shining then I looked up the sky a saw just a patch of what appeared to a evening sunset but in it was a face & seeing it I began to say the lion of the tribe of jahuda who came to take away our sins & so I was just worshiping YAH in a manner of which I've never worshipped before..now my thing is I know according to the scriptures we will experience 3 days of darkness however my thing is "what if it happens at a time when people are at work will YAH protect the body of Mashiach & make away for them to get home & be indoors with their families before the demonic elements go forth out of the darkness?"
    I am so sorry for the long post but I have been asking YAH this question & thought of asking you for your insight I know you don't profess to be prophet but I would really appreciate yours & your wife thoughts..

  8. Or even if you could point me to scriptures that will give me clarity to my question that to would be most welcome..



  10. Never Be Afraid To Try Or Do Something New😏

    Amateurs, Theoretically Built The Ark😌

    Professionals Built The Titanic🤗

    Food For Thought😎

  11. I know this is way off topic but have you heard that those socalled Jews in Israel have crowned their Messiah?
    His name is Jizkiahu Ben David – the Jewish Messiah, have you heard anything about this?

  12. Thank God for the both of you: watchman and I know that y'all are witness of the truth of God because the prove is in the holy scriptures! Y'all explains each scriptures that is read! There's another apostle: Pastor Gino Jennings that also speaks the truth of God! God bless y'all!

  13. Great video very underrated topic that no one emphasizes about you’ll are very engaged about this due to experiences.

  14. Shabbat Shalom Family! Excited to hear the word again and again, in order to put in my inner being. "HalleluYah"🌹🌹🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  15. Hi I received a message 17 hours ago about the Nigerian orphanage saying render anything I have before 2 days with their whats app number


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