A Wife does not have to submit to her Husband in everything. Marriage Series 11

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Comment (23)

  1. Best thing is for Godly fathers to vet these men before things get too far.
    My wife and I would weed any fool out far before our daughters could see his wickedness coming.
    With Elohim, our strong marriage, and our relationships with Yah, he'd have no choice but to come correct. No excuses tolerated.

  2. I’m going to just leave this comment here because the theory just popped up in my spirit. I’m not sure if you mentioned it in the video because I watched it awhile ago, and I admit I fell asleep (just because that’s what I do if my hands aren’t doing anything lol not that the message put me to sleep) and I forgot to rewatch it but…

    The next time these “Brothers” suggest a woman to sit down in the corner and not speak up or be proactive in making decisions… remind them that if Rebecca had not intervened with Isaac our forefather’s decision to give Esau the blessing, they wouldn’t even be able to now claim this “Hebrew Israelite” heritage in the first place….. it’s a topic worth marinating on. 💁🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. I am a 31 year old single woman and this is what Yah revealed to me lately:
    He has been providing me with everything that I need, therefore He shall provide a spouse.
    Secondly, I need to lose myself in HIM. Whoever is supposed to have me shall seek YAH first in order to find me.

  4. Another example. Abraham told Rebecca to give the blessing to Jacob not Esau.

    Abraham listened to his wife to cast out Hagar because she was being disrespectful and Ishmael was mean to Issac and not brotherly.

  5. Only in America, spiritually is looked at as fantasy but the rest of the world knows what’s up. It’s a curse on our people that makes the men and women hate on each other. Other races of people don’t act like that.

  6. My boyfriend and I are set to move in together. Is it sinful to live under the same root, laying in the same bed, and not married? Marriage has came up. Is being devoted to one another and not married right now is it still fornation and undefiled bed? Is there a righteous way in The Most High eyes?

  7. I am glad you had this class/lesson it is much needed. Some of the brothers have been saying that, I ft in my spirit it wasn't right and did not make sense. Praise YAHUAH for the both of you.

  8. There are laws how to treat your wife and children You men who don't are in whisk of hell and damnation , plus the man can not save your soul YOU women have to do that on your own .


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