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  1. This happened to me to he spoke to me and l was not dreaming people The Most High is really really really real he is coming back be happy and rejoice it is our time to not just wake up but stand up for the true and living waters

  2. I was baptized a few years ago but I stay in San Diego California and was wondering how to connect with a group who can help me understanding the purpose and the laws. I believe in The Most High Yahweh. I will continue to do what I can by myself under The Most High Yah guidance.

  3. As a reluctant martyr,I say let's get rid of all religions and gods less than 10000yrs old.Either we're all moors/hebrews/christians/egyptians or none of them but something older than them all.In this new land that I'm etherically trying to form l,No religion or God is going.Why,if people say that their hebrew god is THE GOD,why does MU,LEMURIA,SALAAM,SUMERIA,predate your book gods?Name one book god adherent's building older than the pyramids?The book gods are merely a few gods of the many and the ones people through the media focus on.WHO WOULDN'T TRADE PEACE FOR THE DISMANTLING OF WORSHIP OF A GOD.WORSHIP IS SLAVERY ON STEROIDS!

  4. that is so bad .and is destroying our awakening . we don't need the hAte . and god dont like ugly . i don't like screaming and loudness .

  5. Shalom!
    I seek understanding, can someone help me to understand who are the True Chosen of the Most High are they the ones who were enslaved in America for the 400 years, for in the Word , Yah always references His people who were in Bondage, I only know of two types of people enslaved those by Pharaoh and those enslaved in America?

  6. If I am not The most High YAH chosen people can I still be saved ..?

    I am of white color and YAH chosen people are not of that color .

    If that sounds dumb I apologize I’m just so scared and want to be correct in my understanding of my Father .

  7. It is haeartbreaking that we are taking advantage of each other. Using Yah for lust of sex, money and pride. Brothers entering women's house , who are heavy laiden with sins! Sisters are being spiteful. Nasty and catty!

  8. Watchman and Sistet Deborah you all are such a blessing to me! I have been watching more of your teachings lately and wow! I appreciate all you do and have done! Thank you💖

  9. iv been sayin the same thing were awake but we still inthe flesh ,we still using profanity ,we have an heir about us now just like in 70ad we better be very careful playin with the most high its all about yah not isreal

  10. Lord draw us to you. Let there be no distraction Lord I am afraid because we are starting to bicker among ourselves once more please father do not get tired of us, it is you who will have to sort things out between us. O LOrd help us. We are doing it over again when you took us out of Egypyt. Have mercy – HUMBLENESS LORD.

  11. We have to understand the new covenant, we cannot go back, we need to go forward, we have to take it step by step. Because God gave His son and He fulfilled the Law. Teach us dearest Lord. When I did not even know your Name and I called you Jesus you saved me.

  12. We have a gene they don't have Yah gave it to us at birth so don't worry my people because we woke up the day church's was not good enough. We have generational reawakening that has to in to the WORLD the time is now

  13. Blessing my brother and sister am frome Jamaica 🇯🇲 I tune in to you all the time I love what u going with Blessing on to you yahshua blessing we are with u one hundred percent shalom

  14. ? Can a person be baptized again. If you have already been baptized some one please give me insight on this question.

  15. Yh tells us we as humans are connected by the God particle of Yh divine family. The color of your skin has nothing to do with one race being any different than the white yellow red black. You need to dig deeper and leave your pride somewhere else. YH will guide you. My skin color is white to the eyes of those who search to see…. YH loves us Human Beings.


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