ABOMINATION! Trump Administration Allows Pork Slaughterhouses To Have Fewer USDA Inspectors

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Comment (21)

  1. The farmed pigs are fed human corpses. Pigs are created and have a purpose in the world. You are not meant to consume them. They are bottom feeders that eat everything to clean landscapes.
    YAHWAH gave them a distinctive look in their face that automatically tells you they are not for consumption – They have the face of a down syndrome human – defected. Another feature is they have a high I.Q better than dogs which is another sign they are not for consumption. Pigs also eat the corpses of other dead pigs no matter how decomposed. This is another sign that they are bottom feeders, only meant for clearing landscapes.

  2. Seriously?!!? "Living my best life" ?!? Scheduling a planned event for profit on the Sabbath day!?*#$@*!!!! At a circus none the less. REPENT!!!

  3. I am glad I do not eat pork or red meat! I pray hard over the fruits vegetables whole grains fish and poultry I do eat. Never know whats in everything anymore.

  4. The pork lobby is just the latest group to pay off the Trumpstein administration. Black people if you have any sense left in you, stay away from this filthy dirty animal aka, the Hog.

  5. I stopped eating pork a long time ago. But it's getting hard to eat ANYTHING while trying to maintain a healthy reasonable diet.

  6. At this point in time, people will do what they choose to do. You're a willing reprobate in this information age. Meaning, if people wanna eat pork, they will find any reason despite the bible, despite their health, despite ALL else, they will eat that abominable pork.

  7. I Just Told Little Debbie To Do A New Strawberry And New Blueberry Honey Buns😏

    To Add New Flavor To This Matrix🤗

    Coming Soon , To A Store Near You😎


  8. You know those of us that follow the MOST HIGH follow the laws, statues, dietary, health laws…all do not! They are not Hebrew…wake up this is given us!!! Not to the others…stop doggin others…you sound like the Christians….trying to force other to do as you do! Just be an example and the chosen will follow!


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