Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Yah is all wonderful. He is the creator. To be the rib of man made by Yah is a blessing. Our position as a wife is very spiritual and the meaning should be really important to us women. I respect my position next to my husband with humbleness. Now that lab where they were making body parts using stem cells, is maybe the reason for all our missing black people. Those stem cells are coming from some "body".

  2. The first question should be if we were made in the image of the Gods. Were the Gods also made of or from dust. If we can't come or explore the real beginning this story is and should be considered false.

  3. If we were made in the image of Gods who as we know is immortal. Shouldn't we also have immortality like our counter parts the Gods.. The editors of the Bible made terrible mistakes and at this point can not be corrected. It takes a male seed and a female seed joining together to create life. Let us stick to that.

  4. Sounds way more Convincing when we switch Gender, makes sense that a female dating back to Lucy ion years ago..Invented Man from her Eve(evocongical)Gene found in the Rib Bone Where the DNA is most Rich.. Hotep its Ankh♀Man😉

  5. The Eve (evocongical) that only a Female has which is in the Xy chromosome of the Female Rib which happens to be where the Richest part of DNA(Blood) is stored, the Eve Gene + the Atom Molocule fused made it possible to make what we call today a Clone! The Organic Black Woman found a way to duplicate herself Splice the Xy to Xx, which sealed off the specific signs of Natural Life which is the Ability to Give life thru Suckle as we see with The Netchr Goddess Asst and her Sun in the Physical Being..Heru! Man, is the Degenerate of Woman, Xx Chromosome leaving the Nipples and the Breast Excluded from Original Body, the Splicing of the Very first beings on this Planet to Evolve from Her-Maphrodite Status where 1 being was able to Impregnate self with the evocongical gene, 85% Female 15% Masculine as we see the Mother Earth Androgen Planet today made up off 85% Water feminine In Nature and 15% Land Masculine Nature which gives reference in the Holy Bible(Solar🌞 Book) that in the beginning was only the Darkness, and the Primitive Waters before the Split and the Arch, or the Firmament, also a human is made up of 85% water, feminine aspect 15% Flesh masculine body. The book of Genesis is the Genes of Isis!

  6. Man is not complete without the woman it is meant for the two of them to join and become one in unison of the way of the most HIGH YAH. Let us not forget we must not join an evenly yoked otherwise there will be a stumbling block and cause us to stumble that's why it is one reason why we should not marry other nations and non followers of yahshua the hamashiach. HALLELUYAH!!!

  7. Thank you for this! I’ve been reading the Bible to my 5 year old. It’s been a week and we’re on versus 5 in chapter 1 of Genesis lol she has so Many questions per line by line 😓. At least I’ll know what to say when we get to the part about the rib. She’s five but she understood things much more coming from a pure heart than adults with all their perverted knowledge and so called wisdom.

  8. The other interpretation a women researcher presented was that there used to be a penis bone and this is what women was made out of according to the language, hence why she needs a male genitalia to be made one, but the man needs female genitalia to become one, because man used to be one by himself until God took the bone out of him.

    If that was true (I incline more towards the rib narrative) it would sure give a bit of a chuckle to certain phrases we use today though lol.

    But I doubt it.


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