Addressing Misconduct among our people in our captive land, Bible Study

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  1. I have married to a Gentile for 27yrs 2 adult children, this all was done before I came into this truth. This woman isn't your type of Gentile trust me she's not believer in this truth.

  2. I, had a dream that i was standing and there where ppl all arround me, allso ppl i know, and some ppl where asking me , they ask what are you waiting for? I said i'm waiting for the black messias ,so every body arround me there face's where chainging into evil, and they started too get angry, so i wake up.
    It was verry verry scary

  3. Soooo sad but sooo true!! Todah Ach and Achoti!! Our people are mentally destroyed and they love the state they're in 😟

  4. First I would like to say I enjoy your program and I fell bad that people are attacking your family. But I have to ask The Watchman, how many times have others "paddle" their own children, when you home school your children. I'm not a breeder, but I'm against "teachers" or others hitting someone else children, if the cops "discipline" your own children how would you feel, some of these teachers are bat crap crazy and would love to take a whack at these kids and we must also consider how many people are being abused at home. Where are their FATHERS!
    We have not condition our mind, our mind have been condition for us by others. were the murders of the Messiah, Pharisees, and the mob who beat him, lied on him forgiven, have they received salvation? IMHO-We need to work on our own salvation, begging for forgiveness of our own sins and meaning it first because too many people are fine with themselves and behavior, they know what they are doing and enjoying it How do we know if our own sins have been forgiven and what will be the cost if they are not.

  5. What's up to my people
    I was wondering can I just denounce my self from the Israelite tribe because I was listening to the lesson it seems like a lot of are people get slang over 1 or 2 people mistake or sin and it had me thinking hard but it's no disrespect to father Yah and son Yahushua and holy spirit it seem like a lot of are people die over 1 or 2 people mistakes or sin and it is sad but it just the way it is. But the point I trying to figure out is if my people was put in slavery and was strip away of everything how can they get punished for it and u was born into a situation (with out knowing) the (truth) and the (word) how can they get punished for it i just confused now.
    For example if you put a child in a school that's not teaching them correct way should they be put in dumber classes for punishment or put in a better school with better teacher so they can be teach they right way? Just like my people if they was teach the right way from the beginning then no excuses for there behavior but almost 400 years of captivity and we in a wicked system too I just can't see how group of people is going to get right after all them years of damaging to mind of my people. But if I wrong I Poligize to the Father Yah and son Yahushua and holy spirit
    Peace beyond to my people

  6. Your spirit is so beautiful, your home and that Word is pure. You are very special in his sight and our Nation needs to see more of people like you. Shabath Shalawan.

  7. also during that time of choosing betwn Yahusha and barabas..the ones who spoke for the house of israel…well the jews for that matter…were the fake jews. they had already established themselves as judah or hijacked judah

  8. This is so very true. My 14 year old grandson move in with me 6 months ago, believe me this child is so out of order. It’s causing problems in my marriage. Father Yah is helping me , leading me in the direction to teach him how blessed we are to be Yahuah‘ chose peoples. We must love Yah with all our heart and soul. And Love our neighbors as we love ourselves. My grandson has ADHD but he can overcome it. Keep his mine on Yah,,he will lead and guide him in the way to go. His mother allowed him to do and go when he was please. So this has been a real struggle of my house. His name is Jakheemm Moser please remember him in your prayers.

  9. There are two sides: remember Salomon's judgement with the two mothers. Great teaching connected to the end time for not everyone will make it. It might seem harsh for some but that's what it is about, I hope I will make it but there is no guarantee.

  10. Deuteronomy 28:32 Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long: and there shall be no might in thine hand.

    ("Black" (Hebrew Israelites) families were ripped apart during the long harsh period of the Atlantic slave trade. In some instances, the sons and daughters of "slaves"(Israelites) were captured while away from their parents, never to see them again. In other cases, entire families were taken into captivity, where parents often watched their children sold to different slave masters and different plantations.)

    In the year 2002 on the local news in Chicago (fox news), they presented a special report called ‘THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN’. In this special they were showing how Northern Europeans and some Canadians are adopting black children in Mass. These children are removed from their black parents and given to these other people overseas. The report was shocking, but informative.
    Deuteronomy 28:41 Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; for they shall go into captivity.

    Precept to verse 41:
    Jeremiah 52:28 This is the people whom Nebuchadrezzar carried away captive: in the seventh year three thousand Jews and three and twenty:

    (The bible tells us that ancient Israel went into many captivities (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon etc.). But this is exactly how we got here; While escaping persecution from the Romans (particularly Vespasian and Titus) in and around 70 A.D., The tribes of Israel fled Jerusalem, went back through Egypt and into the Atlas mountains of Northern Africa (including Spain). A great number of Israelites made way in the Ivory Coast of West Africa. Our fore parents were brought to this part of the world as captive slaves on cargo ships. This isn't how the "Jewish" people or any other ethnic group got here. All other groups came here on their own free will.)

  11. In the beginning, in my search as I became enlightend I sorta skipped over y'all, but NOW, I will never against, pure holy and confident are you both! I thank The Most High for you!!! U 💓 work hard in your research and it pays dividends for your efforts! But the what we know is that Abba Yah is pleased with you!!!☺️!!!!

  12. ‘I ty for your ministry. I was searching for spiritual manna & I couldn’t find the truth anywhere except in our very small bible study group. When I found your ministry your words resonated with my heart. That was a few years ago & I have been with you both ever since. Many Other Israelite ministries felt wrong : their words of hostility, bragging about, rather than being thankful for being a chosen ppl, behaving contrary to Yahs commandments. Etc all showed me that they don’t have the spirit of Yah. What you both have said about the misconduct of our ppl is right on point. I pray for you, Your family & your ministry to remain protected & blessed by Yah. I know your under frequent attack, but that is a badge of honor. Yahusha said; if they persecuted me, they will persecute you. In these end times the truth is extremely hard to find, but along with your ministry & the Bible study group I attend, I am a sheep that continues to be well fed. Hallelujah & shalom.

  13. Very good lesson. My mother had 8 children by my dad. He never took care of us and I believe it was a learned behavior because his dad never took care of him and his siblings. When my parents divorced, dad married a White woman who had 2 mixed daughters by a Black man. My dad worked all of his life and would have had a healthy $3,200 monthly pension but when he and his White wife divorced, the judge gave this woman all of my dad's pension and half of his social security. My dad died in poverty. Keep preaching because people need to hear this.

  14. OMG I had a teacher who had a paddle. The wood paddle with holes in it. And she enjoyed using it. This teacher had all the kids shook from word of mouth. Kids would say don’t fight because Mrs Boom gonna get her paddle lol omg the paddle kept order

  15. Our teachers in the 1970s -80s acted as an extension of our parents . It seems the operated under the belief of "it takes a village to raise a child". They cared about us and how we behaved and more than that how we turned out. Knowing that they used collective discipline caused us to check our peers and hold them accountable for their lack of self control and failure to demonstrate good citizenship. Our parents backed the teachers because they knew that for the most part the teacher was acting in the best interest of the child.

    We respected our elders and wouldn't want them to catch us misbehaving. We didn't cuss them or even cuss around them. We checked each other when we saw something that was out of line. We held them accountable, called them out because we understood that we were looked at as group. We didn't want to be associated with anyone who did not represent us well. Somewhere along the way all of the has disappeared. Open rebuke gives us a chance to correct a wrong so that we are not destroyed by it. It is actually showing love and a willingness to see a brother/sister restored and put back on the right path.


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