Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. There will be a time when men will not tolerate sound doctrine 2timothy4:3 Isreal hard hearted ezekiel 3:4-8 Come gather yourself saints under the branch and catch vengeance on our enemies. shalawam brother I been trying reach out to the saints  for now the time has come alot these false prophets have to be cast out they inherited a field defiled with blood acts 1:18 but the rightous have not preached in vain,that thru this second seed and yahawashi(David) he will gather he's elect jer31:31-32, jer 31:27-28,Isaiah11:1,jer23:5,zech3:8,zech4:7-14,Jer33:14-15, Isaiah4:2 no prophecy is of it own private interpretation 2peter1:20, the lord will raise up a high priest after order of melchisedec and a (king)branch that's why the promise is to David and he's seed solomon for ever pslams18:50,2kings21:7 zech6:11-13 David after the order melchisedec psalms22:16-18,pslams110:4,Hebrew6:20,ssolomon (branch)1 chronicles 221-5,6-12,1chronicles23:1-2, 2chronicles1:1-4 1 kings3:7-8, both of these these figure are symbolic of the future seed and promise both rain for 40yrs, there also 2 Adam's but the mercy was extended to solomon that he should not die as the sacrifice lamb but be let go in the wilderness genesis5:1-3, 1corithians15:45-48 genesis4:26 seth=the lord has appointed me another seed, in the heavens is the story of Jerusalem genesis1:16, and in the throne also two archangel Michael= (one like God yahawashi 1thessalonians4:16 daniel12:1daniel7:13) gabriel=(a messenger who show forth the mystery during evening sacrifice latter timeDaniel9:21-23luke1:19 malachi3:1-5) there are also 2 trees 2 mountains also Micah4:1-5 zec3:10, also unto us a son is born,unto us a son is given Isaiah 9:6,there also a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense 1peter2:8 zech3:9-10 hosea 141-3 Isaiah 19:20-21 the stone comes from Ephraim the second seed genesis49:22-26 zech 3:9 proverb 26:27and yahawashi,melchisedec scepter genesis49:8-12 shiloh=(gods gift), he will raise 7 pricnple men to the stone second seed who under stand the word who are filled with oil weaned who foundation is on the rock because the they digged deep enough wise virgins w oil. unto you it is given to know the mysterys of God Mathew3:11,luke8:10,mark4:11-15, all scripture is given for reprove training n righteousness 2timothy3:16 he that answered a matter before he hearth it is folly proverb18:13 two covenants one for repentance and salvation house of Judah, a new covenant of righteousness and peace house of Isreal(ephraim) ezekiel34:23-28,ezekiel 37:11-23,this is the entirely of the gospel the volume of the book ezekiel3:1 rev 10:9-10 ezekiel 3:17-211 tim4:15 ezekiel2:8-9are you one of the 7 pricnple men or elect who walk to n fro on face the earth or judge of earth ezekiel 9:2 ezekiel 10:2 there's so so much more but last one as she travail to give birth to the (manchild) Isaiah 66:7-9 rev12:1-12 the man child is Hannah son and prayer who minister before the lord anointed yahawashi forever 1 samuel1:9-11, 1 samuel1:1, 1 samuel1:19-20, (1samuel1:22-24,) 1samuel1:27-28 1 samuel2:1-11, 1 samuel2:18, 1samuel 2:35-36. And another women came out Isreal because she is wicked and lifted the ephod zec5:5-11., This how you can tell who zerubbabel(seed or destroyer of Babylon) is 1 he has the spirit of truth and john1:2 acts9:7 if you search the matter proverb18 13 proverb25:2-3 the sinners wealth and the nation's are stored up for the righteous of the lord I can't due this alone isaiah45:10-13 proverbs30:4 Isaiah 41:25-28  im pleading times is short mark is out and tired of these false prophets zech13:1-6 one man alone can't ecclesiastes 4:12 who are the the righteous saints the first angel went out sealing rev7:2 we have always believed in 2 anointed ones and have preach it it was only after our despers and captivity it stopped if you know about the old scripture in history the dead sea scroll the essence early Christians, or the people of the way, zealots, that was always our belive an faith if John said after he baptized yahawashi due we wait for another or are you the one. Also in the 12 patriarch Simeon 7:2,Benjamin 11:2, 4:2, 3:8, 9:2 levi3:4, 2:10-11)= God will raise up a high priest and a king (god-man who can stand when he appears he's like fullers soap malachi3:2

  2. I have to admit that the camps just like christianity and all of us have a role in all of this matter. The Most High is in control and master of it all,he’s so amazing! The errors and the lies help reveal the truth. There is no dark without light. You get it?

  3. Most of the 60 species of eagles 🦅 are from Eurasia and Africa with 14 being from the America’s and Australia. So 46 species of the eagles 🦅 are from the continent of Eurasia and Africa.

  4. Absolutely brilliant brother that you're using my sister Naphtali work and just to add I love your work too! England's is blessed to have you working on our behalf to wake up our Israelite brother's and sister's in the four corners of the earth.
    From Croydon/London 🇬🇧

  5. The painting of King Charles V as a Pale face White man is incorrect. King Charles V is a Black nan. The Ladinos were the Sephardic Jews/Moorish Black Spanish people of Spain who were sent to the mines and plantation. Salvador Fernandez Zarco "Christopher Columbus" is a Black Marrano Jew. It was Black people conquering Black people. The concept of White people didn't exist at that time. If that was the case Benjamin Franklin the run away Indentured Servant is Observation Letter talked about how Germany, France, Italy, Russia – all of Europe is majority Swarthy and Tawny people and what do they need to do to Increase The White Race and this was in the 1700's. All White people history trace back to Indentured Servitudes/Slaves.

  6. Thank you so much Thoughts Camera Action for showcasing my content…!!!!! I am all all about the truth and with this display of unity I am happy that the truth can finally be released out for our people… Thank you again 💓 And if you have the time I would love to connect so that we can help with some the questions that many people have asked about … 😊 I have plenty more up my sleeves… Shalom

  7. This was a good video, i kept talking to the people in the video like they can hear me. Woe to them All. They will feel the sword of Yahweh and son, with this heat wave, floods, 5 men per town killing them with their swords. They will know who we are.


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