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Dark Sci-Fi Sounds and drone on the album Nusquam by Aegri Somnia
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Aegri Somnia returns with his third album on Cryo Chamber, Nusquam. An album digging deep into topics of transhumanism and the merger of the biological and technological.

“Flashbacks, waking up, the beeping of the re-charge station as your body slumps to the floor. Rusted metal, creaking cables and stained concrete. This your home. An organic mind resting in a capsulated vat tank inside an electro-sensory shell of military grade alloy.”

Nusquam is a dark and layered album that delves deep into micro sounds, drone and electro-analogue builds. For explorers who wants to drown in a sea of black drone as fluttering insectoid nano-robots close in to watch you submerge.

Written, Produced, Performed
Jurica Santek

Artwork & Mastering
Simon Heath

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