Africa is on fire and barely making the news

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Comment (44)

  1. They don't care about Africa because they want the resources especially in the Congo a VERY oil rich area …. a conquest that dates back before king leopold

  2. You are right! If we aint in the secret place of the Most High there will be refuge, no place to run and hide! He will protect those that love him and keep his statues, laws and commandments! so those that dont these things and run wit the lie "the law is done away with"… they ARE DONE ALREADY.

  3. I heard the world was on 🔥 fire yesterday. I had no idea about Africa. Thank you for telling us. God bless.🙏💙

  4. These wicked devils don't care about anything that happens to the dark skinned people.
    They're probably the ones setting the fires; it wouldn't surprise me because they are taking back the land that was stolen in the first place.

  5. It may be that they are being set on fire so that land developers can go in and buy up that land….

    Also.. the clouds produced by the Amazon are a kind of floating river, supplying desert rains and other places with minerals which originate from the forest floor.

    Just a thought though.

  6. Watch public sky cams these areas, there is fire reigning from the sky! (If the cam timelapse has not been fiddled with you can clearly see it!)

  7. The news? We should now, Pray! Pray to God ! What can we stupid people do? We better, Pray! To Jesus! Now!

  8. All because we do not go to God in Prayer! Have they ever cared! Stop being stupid, us , people! We have no power! But, to call on Power! Please! Pray!

  9. For those who are so quick to dismiss this info and say it's old news, well do your own research before commenting and see for yourself if Africa is currently burning… I already did and I have come to confirm this info as of today ( 9/1/2019 ) to be currently correct….

  10. These devils show us everyday in so many ways that they don't care nothing about us the melanated nation all over the planet should realize that

  11. 1. August and first two weeks of September are very windy in the Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa.

    2. Afrika particularly South Africa has had wild fires every year even in the 90s.

  12. Another reason they may not be concerned is because these are SAVANNA fires, as opposed to RAIN FOREST fires that are going on in the Amazon, which are more important to the global ecosystem.

  13. I am wondering if it is intentional to stop the spread of Ebola. Not long ago the spread of Ebola was a major concern because it was spreading quickly from state to state.

  14. What about that they had African lady telling us American black Americans to come over there to live and no legs did not say nothing about his burning or nothing

  15. Please don't blame God for that if he going to set the world on fire he will set everything on fire he's not going to just sit Africa on fire OK and and Brazil wherever you go send 5 you don't sit on that everybody here going to just sit on one place why would he do that a man did that and they send the planes across the Sun trying to block the sun and the airplanes are flying across the Sun you know and they don't tell him what that's doing with vipers coming out of it trying to blacken the Sun to the keep the Sun out is this is just ridiculous I was just ridiculous

  16. But the one article about the baby you shared was in 2018 which is still sad, but yes your right fires are burning this is horrible, I am sharing! Gods word seem to be like its being fulfilled

  17. Research direct energy weapons these fires are beings our government it’s time for us to United and take those who are behind the cabal out by force prayers aren’t enough it’s time to take action

  18. These fires are the works of evil men….HAARP is destroying the earth with frequencies. Folks blame God and the Devil for things created by men.

  19. The return of Chirast is near let those don't believe in Jesus come to his house where is Mercy and forgiveness provided through his crucifixion. Amen Maranata Lord Jesus Christ.

    One Day The trumpet Will Sound And The Dead in YAHUSHA MESSIAH
    Will Rise FIRST And We WHO ARE Alive SHALL
    Be Caught Up In THE


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