Africa Repent! More Judgment is coming

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  1. People are killing the Most High Creatures that is why we are being judged and Nobody seems to understand I mean no one and for most of those that don’t consume the flesh of dead animals they don’t believe in the Most High When you eat meat it has blood in it there is no way to get around that. Sorry bout that YAH never wanted your blood sacrifices and How can we read the words of the prophets such as Daniel who can be in denial that he did not consume flesh Why would the Most High who created all allow humans to kill his creations Thou shall not kill.

  2. Im interesting to hear your perspective. I saw the locust article the other day and wondered. if it was judgment related. Australia withe the plague of bats .I've seen what they do to albinos through a documentary years ago its sad.

  3. Africa is a dark continent. I see it all. I am from there. That is why we suffer. With all the ressources it have, we still begging for handout. I wish i could tell more.. All i see is wicket,and evil.

  4. I heard a sister with quite a popular chanel( she's a Dr.) who says she's a Yisraelite Say out of her OWN mouth 2weeks ago pray to the ancestors! I fell back off of her since then .

  5. The Realm of the Flesh Carnal living
    The Bread of death temporary food in the human life you only feeding the flesh that has a short time to live no life in that's food ☠️⚰️

    The Realm of Spirit : the Rauch says eat and Live the Son of Man flesh is food and His Blood is the vine to drink the Rauch says this is the Spiritual food I eat while I'm in you So the Bread of Life and drinking his blood is spiritual food for the Rauch to eat the Son of Man flesh and and drink his blood for Eternal life Rauch is in you to feast on Yahushua HaMashiach flesh &Blood Spiritually So Spiritually the Rauch only eat Spiritual food in the Word

  6. its in my ancestral land Amhara region, Im starting to believe we are hebrews the way my people have been under curses since the 1930s

  7. Which so called African are you talking about. The Ysrealites in that land mass or the gentiles. **Go not amongst the gentiles but go to the lost sheep of Ysrael. If this message is not towards the Ysrealites. Its not needed.

  8. Thankful you covered this topic. Some Africans use fear (judgement of America, police shootings) to get African Americans to move to Africa. Yet, they fail to discuss problems in Africa. They are too busy telling Black Americans to come to Africa to use their talents to build, and don't forget to bring the US dollar.

  9. I can’t Believe I was so Enchanted with Africa. You Live and Learn. Thank GOD, I’m American.My FAVORITE Place is ISRAEL, the place where JESUS of Nazareth Walked.

  10. The Way those Leaders in Africa treat its Citizens is Absolutely DEPLORABLE and Depressing. The Begging all over FB is AWFUL. Be Careful of PIRATES. It’s the saddest thing. The Children Suffer in a Horrific manner. I’ve been there and it’s Pitiful the way the Children walk around without Shoes and Sores all over their Head and Feet. The Children are Suffering. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 there are Rich Africans , Nevertheless.

  11. 🚫… There is an official dispute that I currently hold against the SO CALLED BANTUS & that dispute is based around the fact that they've tried to take a linguistic dialect & use it as confirmation on who not merely SOME OF THE ANCIENT HEBREW ISRAELITES WERE BUT RATHER WHO THEY ALL WERE 🤨 which derived from something that in modern day times they mock as being nothing more then gibberish gifted to the world by a bunch of clever Ashkenazi Yiddish speaking imposters & this is wrong on so many accounts but we gone stick to what's pertinent @ this very moment which is the fact that the Bantu dialect runs throughout many HAMITIC NATIONS with each one embracing different versions of it unique to their own tribes which is why it's strowed all over the continent of Africa to this day which you will find hasn't even been exclusive to their migratory theory of pretty much originating near the ancient coordinates of negroland while trickling down past central Africa (Congo) into S. Afr. & they've tried to take this narrative & portray the TRUE NAMES OF THE FATHER & SON TO HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO US IN BANTU 😲/😠😠😠😠😠WHICH IS PURE FICTITIONAL GLAMORIZED BULLCRAP SO DON'T EMBRACE IT 🤨 for starters our people weren't even using letter characters back then as their spoken language dialect but rather PICTOGRAPH which you can still see traces of in the Egyptian hieroglyphs as well as the Hans CJK characters all the way down to the Arabic characters whereas with the Bantu dialect which spans back into the ages it can't be found see below…
    "The Bantu languages are a branch of the Niger-Congo languages. There are about 520 languages in the Bantu family, 670 languages in the Southern Bantoid branch which includes Bantu, and 1,532 in Niger-Congo.[1] Bantu languages are spoken largely east and south of the present day country of Cameroon; i.e., in the regions commonly known as central Africa, east Africa, and southern Africa. Parts of the Bantu area include languages from other language families (see map). The BANTU LANGUAGE WITH THE LARGEST TOTAL NUMBER OF SPEAKERS IS SWAHILI. "
    Now as you see above in a quick excerpt that I took from the wiki article there are OVER 1500 AMONG THE NIGER CONGO REGIONS ALONE & this hasn't even tapped into East AFRICA as many of the differentiating east African dialects which are similar to the overall Bantu style but still differing in various ways & REMEMBER THAT…
    The MOST HIGH YAH did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were MORE IN NUMBER than any people; FOR YE WERE THE FEWEST of all people:

    Deḇarim (Deuteronomy) 7:7
    research my people & see just how many hamitic tribes to this day still hold variations of this Bantu dialect & this is conclusive with the children (descendants) of Hams size they were MIGHTY IN NUMBERS which is why in our day & age other pagan gentile nations have steady stayed trying to KILL THEM OFF or definitely if nothing more keep their boots on their neck (control of their resources) anyway this doesn't fit the ancient hebraic israelite m.o. so either somebody's been lying exaggerating the truth or it simply was never the language of our ancient forefathers listen our father THE MOST HIGH YAH'S NAME TO US IS SACRED & SET APART which the Bantu speakers didn't give to us you see his name remains SET APART IN REFERENCE TO ALL THIS OTHER NONSENSE TO DATE & IT'S ONE OF THE ONLY REASON WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO BE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT AS A STIFF NECKED PEOPLE THAT WE'VE BEEN WAS BCUZ THE MOST HIGH YAH WANTS OUR MISSION COMPLETED BY US THIS IS APART OF OUR CONDITIONS AS GENTILES ALSO HAVE THEIRS & THESE ARE THE LAST DAYZ FINAL HOUR'S & OUR MISSION IS CLEAR RESTORE HE & HIS SON'S NAME FROM THE GENTILE STATE OF MASSIVE CONFUSION (Lord God Allah Jehovah Jesus ect) & HELP THEM UNDERSTAND PROPHECY!!!!! WHICH THESE IMPOSTERS HAVE NOT DONE BCUZ THEY CAN'T DO IT PROPERLY BCUZ THEY ARE NOT THE SALT SENT TO SEASON THE WORLD "WE ARE" THE CHILDREN OF YISRA’YL & EVEN THAT NAME HAS MEANING TO IT THAT YOU CAN'T GET FROM ANY BANTU DIALECT so basically my people we must profane self glorification this is about FATHER YAH & HIS SALVATION HE SENT US YAHOSHUA HA MASHIACH & not about the Bantu language dialect & helping them continue to GLORIFY their selves the YOD in pictograph did exist & it existed LONG BEFORE THE YIDDISH SPEAKERS & this has been merely the tip of the iceberg bcuz if they took it there w/the language then this should also further explain why NO BANTU CAME TO AMERICA PERSONALLY TO WAKE JUDAH UP BY GIVING US PROPHECY IT'S BEEN THE OTHER WAY AROUND THEY BEEN ONLINE & SOME EVEN DWELLING AMONG THOSE OF US BEING AWAKEN IN THESE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES & THEY'VE BELIEVED & THE CONFIRMATION HAS BECOME EVERY OTHER NATIONS CONFIRMATION OF THEM NOW TRYING TO CLAIM IT AS HAVING ALWAYS BEEN THEIR OWN… but my people this is bigger then another show boating glamorization party as it's been tried before (Jews) & a dear price was paid as hitler saught to rid his country of those guilty of murdering the messiYah not knowing that the true murderers were US OUR FOREFATHERS HIS OWN PEOPLE you see there have been prices to pay for all these false accusations THEY'VE BEEN LEARNING FROM US MY PEOPLE NOTHING MORE SO THAT MEANS TO US OUR JOB AMONG THEM HAS BEEN WELL DONE & AS FAR AS THEM THEY ARE STILL W/OUT KNOWLEDGE & LACK OF THAT MANY WILL PERISH FROM & ON THIS THEY SHOULD EDUCATE THEY PEOPLE ON THE FACT THAT THE LANGUAGE GIVEN WAS H E B R E W THE MESSIYAH WAS H E B R E W & WE THE CHILDREN OF YISRA’YL ARE H E B R E W S & OUR FATHER'S NAME & HIS SON'S NAME IS ALSO H E B R E W & WE AIN'T ABOUT TO CHANGE IT!

  12. Shalom my brother and sister, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you guys. I know I've said it many times before, but I must tell you. Today I saw the spirit of Yahuah glowing on both your faces. It startled me at first, but Yahuah spoke to me and said that you are faithful and true as you work soooo hard to get through to us with Yah's word. I'm happy for y'all and Yahuah showed me that I was with the people of Him🥰❤🦋🌹🖐Thanks again and more blessings coming to you, Halleluyah!!!❤❤

  13. Many of Africans won't repent because for centuries they've been indoctrinated in christianity and its concept of brotherly love and agape universal love. And many of them have the curse of dissonense docile just plane stupidity. Dark and distant from each other like the tutu against the hutus that was caused by that evil church. If they refuse to repent and convert to our truth then they weren't called to salvation. Their names weren't written in the book of life. Shalom Fam. You are highly blessed.😉😎.

  14. African American Ignorance is the opposite extreme of African ignorance. Polarities exist.

    Even you folks must remain humble and repentant because your landscape analysis of Africa may be misleading given the level of propaganda machine emanating from political warfare.

  15. I am from Uganda and my country is going through this horrible plague my family is part of a tribe wich tampers with witchcraft thank you for this message may yeshua bless you

  16. DNA proven "God's chosen people" are eastern European, not north African. Where are the two true lost tribes?

  17. Very true. Was doing Yoruba studies and it's traces to ancient Israel. They were called Yoruba because the brothers followed pagan religions of Yarub when they left the Arabian Peninsula. These people were spread throughout Africa, all the way to Sierra Leone. Innumerable numbers of them were taken to Brazil, Cuba, Grenada and much of the other Caribbean Islands and other countries of the Americas. Just like the word said, they will not escapes the judgements written in the scripture. The practice of Santeria, Voodoo, Voodum, Obia etc are still being practiced in many of these places. A GREAT repentance is needed for the displacement and oppression of YAH's people to end

  18. The Wrath of YAH we must acknowledge along with the rest of his attributes… This is YAH⚔️ TODAH ABBA YAH ⚔️


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