After leaving Christianity who do you fellowship with?

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Comment (21)

  1. After leaving the Christian Church, my husband and children Worship Yah at home. We love it and my husband who was a Pastor in the Christian Church teaches us the Word.

  2. We definitely have gotten closer to Father Yah in knowledge and Wisdom, All Praises Unto The Most High!!!

  3. We sometimes fellowship with others, but we aren't being Lead by The Holy Spirit to join anyone church building.

  4. May the Most High Abba YAH n YAH Our Ha'Mashiach continue to Bless you MO'RAH WATCHMAN Yahu and Your Wife Deborah Yah‼️ This is Exactly what happened to me Once I was Awokened Very Direct by YAH‼️ He's Directing My Path Directly far as With Fellowshipping after totally Leaving Christianity ‼️ Yah guided me very direct and showing me the true and false fellow Israelites and all their beliefs and You Both were very correct in telling Us To Allow YAH to Guide and Show Us Direct Who too Fellowship with or who not too Fellowship with, Same as with choosing the correct Husbands or Wives. I so Agree with you all , I Believe in the Entire Bible and the Lost or Removed Books as well. I Follow and I Obey YAH n YAH Our LIVING HOLY HEAVENLY and Earthly Ha'Mashiach Direct‼️ I'VE HAD SO MANY Real Life Experiences Very Direct to Know for Myself Directly YAH and YAH .. They Are Real and I am of the Chosen 12 Tribes 🥰, My BloodLine is of Shem via Judah‼️ YAH Toldand Showed Me This❣️Direct‼️♥️💛💚🌍

  5. I Cor. 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Flesh- can not obey God. Flesh will not serve God. We can not please God in our flesh. We must be Spirit filled and Spirit lead.

  6. Thank u so much for this wonderful, inspirational, encouraging and warning teaching! May The Most High Yah continue to forever bless u and ur family. SHALOM

  7. 🍃very strong message🍃 Thank You for allowing YAH to utilize the Both of You to convey His message 🌱

  8. The Most High alone is who we suppose to serve. NOT Jesus. Jesus NEVER told anyone to accept him as their savior and Lord. Christianity is a big fat bold face LIAR.

  9. Thank you, for this timely word. Your ministry is a blessing. Yah continue to baruch you both, your children, and your ministry.❤

  10. Mic malis told me the Lord don't care about my efforts in saving my soul. And because of that I am disappointed and and done with the brotherhood

  11. Thank you for this lesson, I needed to hear this because it’s been a lonely, joyful, understanding, peaceful walk with YAHUAH. APTTMH


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