Aftermath of downpour in South Africa: Nearly 41,000 people affected in Durban alone | WION

The torrential downpour in South Africa may have subsided but the trail of destruction has left a deadly impact on the lives of South Africans. Nearly 41,000 people have been affected in Durban alone and volunteers are trying to help in the distribution of relief materials

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Comment (32)

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  2. CCP is making concentration camps with cold-like viruses! This is a crime against humanity!
    As I said before, dictatorship is a prison. And European and American countries let the unarmed people in the prison resist, but they stand by! The rule of law is in crime! Neighbors kidnap and sell women as wives, imprison children and wives, are they not responsible? The laws of Europe and the United States are written very clearly. This is a criminal act. You cannot just let the imprisoned wives and children resist, and you cannot turn a blind eye! They are vicious! The people of the world should wake up and not allow capitalists and presidents to condone dictatorship to poison the world for their benefit! Hong Kong has fallen, and European and American capitalists and politicians are constantly committing crimes!

  3. RIP for the departed, may the divine give strength and will to friends and families to go through these tough times.

  4. Yeah God how much is everybody keep you guys safe find all home I said all my blessings and good energy

  5. Vasari asked himself why C15th Florence had been the birth of the Renaissance.
    "The spirit of criticism ; the air of Florence making minds naturally free, and not content with mediocrity". Was his conclusion.
    Compare Russia : beating women protestors, and sexually abusing them in police stations.
    Russian barbarism, and the Florentine Renaissance : there is a thesis there for
    some bright Moscow student.

  6. There is a reason why flood plains should not be occupied, especially if the government did not construct flood channels to deal with floods. This is not climate change, but rather indicative of a a feckless / inept government that did not keep record of historic floods, and then prepare for this.

  7. Where are the politicians Julius and company, the white man to the rescue.
    β€œ N G Y I A B O N G A β€œ β€œ
    β€œ B A I E D A N K I E β€œ
    β€œ T H A K Y O U V E R Y MU CH β€œ

  8. I'm in KZN, and in a process of building.
    I only found out today that the structure is still intact.

    I just saw a small bridge that was washed away.

    I think I saw about 4 homes that got destroyed.
    For people outside the province,who might not be aware, certain parts of KZN, like Ladysmith were in a process of rebuilding homes that were destroyed by floods early this year,and then this.
    Condolences to families that lost their loved ones…

  9. death toll has passed 1000+ & counting..South Africa hasn't got the infrastructure due to poor governance & corruption..

  10. Please don't blame global warming solely, address old infrastructure from decades ago that the govt does not repair, drainage, housing etc. The current govt stealing all the taxes. Address that and see a change. I am someone from the outside, looking in.

  11. Honestly speaking.. I am from South Africa my self but in another province.. I really don't pity some of the people from KZN. Reason is they have been responsible for the Xenophobia attacks and kills of enocent people in the past year or months. So, kama has a way of dealing with things. What goes around, comes around. I am not happy it happened but is it was coming AmaZulu for your nation. People years and prayers got heard.

  12. Wion goes and take pictures of rivers in south Africa to show devastation by floods. Well revers are always flooded by water. If you wanted to unusual devastation by rain, you should have gone to residential areas and show us the difference there.


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