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  1. Starchy carbs when fried (or air-fried) forms a plastic like surface containing acrylamide. Acrylamide is Carcinogenic!!! Carbs such as plantain, sweet potatoes, cassava, breadfruit etc etc should be simply prepared, baked or steamed or mashed; it's more nutritious. Eating whole food, plant based is everything. What we put into our body directly affects our minds.

  2. Besides the Air fryers What is healthy really?They pollute everything the air,water and the damn soil I’m just saying even the veggies aren’t 💯 anymore

  3. Using Olive oil in air fryer ?? Most people don't know, planting a Seed, means to research and study for your self, I get tired of people negative comments ! If you can't say something nice, take your a** to the Library ! This man is teaching YOU !

  4. Guys this dude is a satanist, or is aligned with the occult . Brothers and sisters, open your eyes. go to 1:06 This guy deliberately forms the marnocornuto hand symbol devil horns, he's showing you who he is and who he serves. theres no way thats an accident. and thats not just a simple gesture to make. Study symbolism, this was no mistake. im not saying what he's saying about healthy foods isnt right, but pay attention. Most high gives us eyes to see . Stay vigilant

  5. thats crazy, dude held up the devil horns kept it in position , how can nobody see that smh.. the deception is real, many people going to fall if you don't pay attention. all praises to the most high Yah people be slick with it. This channel is supposedly awake to the truth of the most high @Watchman Reports Knew about this vid before they uploaded it, how could you not catch that? somethin rotten in Denmark….

  6. Hey this channel is now suspect, second video I watched and the dude throws up the baphomat hand gesture, peace homie

  7. Even medical stuff put aside, this man " The Minister of Wellness" is a luciferian, who pledges to Ba'al. And is a freemason. How can people support him and give their money and donations to him? anything that comes out of his mouth cannot be trusted as well as to those who support him (watchman reports). The moment he put up the marno cournuto baphamet devil horns, all these supposed Believers in Yah should have just unsubscribed from this channel entirely but they continue to like it and view it. People trust watchman reports, and unfortunately thats going to be some peoples biggest mistake. Scripture states that satan will come as an angel of light, and deceive many even the elect ( not just speaking about the rich) Meaning even those who think they are of righteousness and are following supposed "righteous people" . This going to be the biggest deception the world has ever witnessed. And people who think they are following "churches" are following packs of wolves. Scripture tells us to "come out of the churches" and seek Yah and his righteousness. Only Yahuah And Yahusha, and the angels in the highest heaven of heavens, and the prince of presence who commands over those legions of angels Metatron" also known as Enoch who Yahuah transformed into a mighty angel of light and calls him the "lesser Yahwae" can reveal these things to brothers and sisters. Pray to them day and night, knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you shall find, ask, and it shall be given to you., for Yahusha is the Vine, and no man comes to the father unless he abides in the son. amen

  8. Okay, see this is so overwhelming I not too long brought mine and I love it, so much as much as I listen to the ministry of wellness I'm not happy right now.

  9. He killed his entire argument by admitting (eventually) the obvious truth: it's more about what you eat rather than how it's cooked. (i.e. fried pork or baked pork is still pork).

    He mentioned that air fried chicken and fries etc, are better than deep fried but it's still bad because of the kind of food. To be completely honest, they should change the title of the video to "Junk Food is not Healthy" to be more accurate.

  10. Come on now ain't nothing in this world healthy the Lord knows that which is why he tells us to pray and healthy food ain't really healthy either they making compost out of dead bodies.
    Now research that!


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