Alaric’s Sack of Rome – Rise of the Goths DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals historical animated documentary series on the history of Rome and Germanic tribes continue with a video on the rise of the Goths and their leader Alaric, as we look at the reasons that led to the settling and then animosity between Rome and the goths, which culminated at the sack of Rome in 410 AD

Rise of the Vandals:
Vandal Sack of Rome:
Marcus Aurelius:
Milvian Bridge:
Origins of the Germanic Tribes:
Julian and battle of Strasbourg:
Cimbrian War:
History of Rome:

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The video was made by Lucas Salatiel while the script was researched and written by Matt Hollis
This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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  1. Start building your ideal daily routine 💪 The first 100 people who click on the link will get a FREE week trial and 25% OFF 🎁 Fabulous Premium ➡
    Too many sacks of Rome and more on the way. Sackings will continue until morale improves.

  2. Is the showing of the Dacian flag with wolf's head just artistic here or dose the Getae/Dacians had more influence over the Goths?

  3. Perhaps all that Alaric wanted was for Roman Emperor to let his people integrate with the Roman Empire.

    Its quite sad how he and his people fought hard, spilled blood, sweat, and tears to defend the Empire and eventually was forced to destroy it himself.

  4. Here in Greece Alaric and his Visigoths have very bad name, equal to Attila, becouse he plundered whole greece almost, especially sacking and destroying ancient temples and oracles. his folowers killed the last priests of the ancient Elefsis mysteries, enslaving many villages and town people to sold as slaves especially south greece and peloponnese he sacked and razed to the grown the ancient cities of corinth, thebes, argos, sparta and others. Stilicho tried succesfully to rout him, but in Constantinople they feared more that stilicho would annex the provinces of greece and Illyricum to the west empire and they order him to leave the territories of the east and made Alaric magister militum rewarded him for plundering the people in the east empire! to be a common folk in west and east empires those times would be a terrifing experience raided by barbarian warriors and cought in the imperial rivalries and schemes!

  5. Gawd I did not know the Romans were that dumb. We have a Goth with power in our territory, lets piss him off as much as we can. LOL

  6. at the time of cesar people was tolerant and annexed foriners to their national identity. with cristianity the rasism grew alienating potential partners. alexander strived for vast aread, it didnt hold. cesar kept tight formation if held longer. if the system vouldve been adapteable maby we would be roman today? Naaaa there will always be a next contender. today its Greta Thunberg.

  7. Time traveler: Miles quo anno nunc sumus?

    Miles: 410 A. D domine

    Time traveler: Fortuna Gothus Romam diripiet

    Miles: Exspecta… What?

  8. Romans when finding crucifixion as a punishment method: "We like it! Let's adopt it and perfect it."
    Also the Romans: "Those Goths are savages"

  9. 6:01 So Romania was their home for centuries before they migrated to Spain.
    I now understand why Spanish are related to Romanians.

  10. I applaud channels like this for showing and teaching the stuff most of us almost never learn about without doing our own research

  11. The Romans got sick of the Visigothic raids on their empire and that's why they were given land in Roman territories not because the Visigoths were attacked by the Huns or fleeing them, that's Roman propaganda that most historians believe today. It was the Ostrogoths who were attacked by the Huns. Romans later used the Visigoths against the Huns because the Romans feared the Hun's invasion of their empire, so they rallied as many barbarians as they could against the Huns. Few Romans were in the Roman army at the battle of the Catalaunian plains, most were barbarians.

  12. Es curioso que en Hispania no tengamos ADN de los Godos,entraron solo unos 300 y no dejaron casi nada en nuestro ADN,o sea reinaron pero nada más,somos más Celtíberos..
    No Godos

  13. Something I dislike is how they've been categorized as Spanish lmao they have more in common with Poles or Prussians than they do a Spaniard

  14. So the eastern empire as the successor, faced with a strengthening gothic force in central europe, mobilised goths to fracture remnants of western authority & military and later re-annexed the decentralised ostrogothic kingdom. From this perspective the question of the 'fall' seems hardly debatable. The biggest threat to the eastern empire as successor was the western empire. The east mobilised various factions to create and fill power vacuums in the west until it was obvious Constantinople was the only historical successor to Rome (obvious by the time of its sacking, a symbolic milestone).

    Seeing that those gothic factions were more concerned with their own people's wellbeing than looting and plundering others, they appeared to work according to the idea of western Rome as a loose nation of confederate forces, a potentially stable region for development. Frittigern's battles may have been defined more by territorial border disputes, but by Alaric they were clearly civil wars.

    Whether the use of goths to weaken western imperial competition involved multi-generational intent on the part of eastern rulers, or it was just the outcome of typical geopolitics at the time, either way they provoked conflict and produced a buffer against competing empires arising in western europe (reduced to more manageable kingdoms with smaller standing or expedition armies). Then they could devote more power to resisting any empires growing beyond asia minor.

    Rome was an inside job! 😉

  15. you gotta love how still nowadays italian and german historians (or at least certain classical tradition of historians) address the same concept with different terms. German historians call this phenomenon "Völkerwanderung" (basically "migration of people") while we in Italy call this "Invasioni Barbariche" ("barbaric invasions")!! I guess it's a matter of perspective

  16. The fall of the Western Empire was kind of a slow moving trainwreck that no one seemed to know how to stop. At each point it seems like Rome took the more foolish option until they had no options left.

  17. Real World Alaric: Man, I really want to sack Constantinople, but it simply can't be done.
    Total War Attila Alaric: Hold my beer.

  18. I thought still how as vandal not goth or are they a sun branch I’m confused please explain.

  19. Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Franks, Burgundians, Longobards, Jutes Angles & Saxons (and later Danes), Normans (not a "tribe" as such), etc. etc…. The Germanic tribes ended up conquering most of the once so mighty Roman empire.

  20. Alarico had kidnaped Gala Placida,sister of the Roman Imperator,the same one that his brother in law Athaulfo had married in nowadays Southern France.Than after he Conquested Barcinona Athaulfo had been assassinated by Sigerico, his sons and his warriors.Athaulf brother had kill them and turned King,his name was Vália,around the year of 417 AD.

  21. The vikings practiced one male-many female polygamy which resulted in not enough women. Monogamy was instituted after vikings settled in Britain. The key driver was the Roman Climate Optimum which allowed safer journeys by boat for longer periods of the year.

  22. i realy dont appreciate the editorialization of the liberal historians who write the material for you, who give opinion as fact. Ruins otherwise good videos

  23. I’ve always wondered how the empires of antiquity transitioned into the kingdoms of the middle ages. This video does a good job of showing how it happened.

  24. To quote Giga-Chad Aleric…
    "[…] Am I who have routed so many emperors (Hebrus’ river is my witness) to endure flight at thine advice — I, as whom all nature obeys? Have I not seen the mountains levelled at my feet, the rivers dried up? Never may my country’s gods, the spirits of my forefathers, allow that I retrace my footsteps on a backward path. This land shall be mine whether I hold it in fee as conqueror or in death as conquered. I have overrun so many peoples and cities, I have burst through the Alps and drunk of the waters of Eridanus from out a victor’s helmet. What is left me but Rome? My nation was strong even when it had no allied arms to help it. But now that I hold sway over Illyria, now that its people have made me their leader, I have forced the Thracians to forge me spears, swords, helmets with the sweat of their brows, and Roman towns (whose rightful overlord I now am) to contribute iron for mine own uses. Thus is fate on my side. Rome, whose territories I have laid waste year by year, has become my slave. ’Tis she has supplied me with arms; her own metal has glowed in the furnace, artfully molten and fashioned for her own undoing by reluctant smiths. The gods, too, urge me on. Not for me are dreams or birds but the clear cry uttered openly from the sacred grove: ‘Away with delay, Alaric; boldly cross the Italian Alps this year and thou shalt reach the city.’ Thus far the path is mine. Who so cowardly as to dally after this encouragement or to hesitate to obey the call of Heaven?”
    (Claudian, The Gothic Wars)


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