Albania vs Serbia Military Power 2021 | Serbia vs Albania Military 2021 | Military Power Comparison

Albania vs Serbia Military Power 2021 | Serbia vs Albania Military 2021 | Military Power Comparison In this albania vs serbia military power comparison 2021 we cover all three major wings of defense forces and compare them on basis of all major metrics through which you can find how powerful is albania military power 2021 also how powerful is serbia military power 2021 after completion one can conclude who is the most powerful country between albania and serbia on paper Albanian army vs serbian army power serbian air force vs albanian air force comparison is also done along with serbian river flotilla vs albanian navy comparison and many such comparisons

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Comment (28)

  1. 10 milion shqipëtar ka vetëm në turqi ,plus 10 miljon kosov shqiperi maqedoni ,🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  2. Ma shkurt ska kurgja prej shqiptarve, mas mu kan Amerika qysh jan Agresu armiqt kto toka ti merr serbia edhe greku per 1 ore.

  3. Metalni podaci pogotovo Srbija,srbija duplo više bauružanja ima,samo Srpska policija ima više opreme i tehnike od albanaca,i ljudtav 3 puta

  4. Its not fair to compare so different countries, Serbia although it was economically destroyed in the nineties and two thousands is recovering fast, it has much larger population and now stable demographics which are not good but not that bad compared to others in Europe. Industry is recovering slowly but steadily, energy vise its stable and with good prospects, health and education are one of the best in the world taking into consideration Serbia's size. Those are very important things that Albania has to develop and without them it won't be able to have expensive modern military. Albania is about 50% bigger than Slovenia in both size and population but its so much underdeveloped, though it would be a better comparison.

  5. Rispetto per la mia patria, l'Albania, normalmente rispetto anche per la Serbia e per la Grecia ma non dobbiamo dimenticare di rispettare anche la Turchia…

  6. Greece 🇬🇷 is 28 at the world without new weapons..with new weapons G20 ..1 in Balkans and 7 in EU…..we make airpolicing in Albania Montenegro… And Fyrom…….4 fdi belhara frigates 5 gowind corvetes …. Corvete projekt with israel and UAV..eurocorvete projekt with france spain italy …..romeo helikopters the best in the world from usa for submarine attacks….other new submarines same with that we have 24 rafale + 35 at 2024…
    .. Biden open green lights for 20 f-35 lighting 2….that i said for Albanian friends!

  7. I mean Serbia can't deafet us we have Nato and Serbia is sourronded by Nato (only Kosovo isnt a part of Nato)

  8. In Albania we can make molotov cocktail. Thank to Edi Rama that gives no shit about Albanian military. If a invazion hapend in the future we are lost within 19 Hours.


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