Alexander the Great Part 3

Alexander the Great has subjugated the Persian Empire west of the Euphrates, winning battles at the Granicus and Issus, capturing the city of Tyre and seizing control of Egypt. Now he heads east for a final showdown with Darius III, King of Kings, at Gaugamela. The great clash there will determine the fate of two empires, and win Alexander everlasting glory. But in the wake of victory, he faces the challenge of ruling over his new, sprawling empire, and dealing with usurpers and rebellion.

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Elite: The Persian Army 560 – 330 BC

Men-at-Arms: The Army of Alexander the Great

Men-at-Arms: The Greek and Persian Wars 500–323 BC

Alexander the Great Mosaic Remastered – thanks to Miłek Jakubiec
Columns – Marco Zanferrari, via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  1. 7:30 even today Zagros mountains makes it almost impossible to attack persia and here Alexander did it so easily that too 2000 years back

  2. I don't think so he should be called the great even though he one so many stunning battles but still killed so many people, in my opinion it was both empires fault, the Persians because they first attacked Ancient Greece and also Alexander for killing so many innocent people.

  3. These videos are so superbly done! Make more of them. These about Alexander the great are very well done.

  4. whats so special about alexander people love so much like they grow up with him,did he invent something-cure a disease-helping for world piece-winning a noble prize,no just another idiots invading-killing-raping and waging war,nothing special about him so just get over it.

  5. Really Epic, but I'm a little disappointed you didn't do a separate episode for the Persian gates it was our Thermopylae it deserves more recognition.

  6. Alexander's influence was such that +2000 years later there are still clear remnants of the Greek culture he spread in Egypt and the Middle East. Even up to Western India.

  7. Modern estimates 80,000? GTFOH The contemporary estimates were well above 200,000. I am prone to believe ancient sources as to people today trying to be edgy and refuting numbers they cant possibly estimate in hindsight. So sick of pretend historians doing this stuff

  8. The battle depiction is just very low quality, but the story-telling is excellent. All I see and hear is that Persians got afraid of Alexander's fierce and determined face and ran away. 😀 Sure, the guys with robes and wooden shields could not defeat the best equipped army in the world, but the battle is just laughable itself. Half of Darius's army did not even engage, and most of which engaged ran away. 😀 Imagine gathering a huge army for 1 year and most of it runs away after seeing enemy commander's face. 🙂

  9. Stunning video, actually The Battle of Gaugamela sometimes called The Battle of Arbella which is modern day of Erbil that i'm from, when i was going to the plains of Erbil in spring i was always thinking about Alexander and his army passing through and fighting in these plains, just incredible!


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