All CHARGES have been placed on you Black Woman

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  1. As it was said our men have been cursed, as current as today everyone I’ve known or worked with or went to school with for music is into the Illuminati and worship the devil. I stand alone. These videos are helpful. I’m afraid there are no men that respect women who truly love Yah. And I am constantly setting boundaries. All the men have been extremely abusive physically mentally and emotionally. I don’t give up. Even against all their black magic I stay away from them I don’t know why Yah invented this…. anyway. More power to women like urself. U are very blessed and lucky. Thankyou for doing these videos for urself, it’s helping us all to heal. My #gratitude ✨🕊shalom

    Once again, a message that is needed!
    We all need to take responsibility and accountability for our own actions, this includes those whom we bring into the world. But, most don't seem to want to hear that.
    Tell our children that we can pick our children daddy/mama.
    The flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing. We have to ask THE MOST HIGH YAH to send us our mate and pray that HE does the same for our family.
    Don't be desperate because it's someone for everyone, the best one for you is out there.
    Ask questions like, what's your spiritual understanding and connect in regards to the Spiritual? If they are not speaking from the WORD of YAHAWAH and are not open to hearing and obeying, then take this as a sign to run.
    Do they respect dating without sex? If not, run!
    How many baby mama's/daddies do they have? One or more may be too many. Mistakes of actions happen but listen because people tell you who they are within the first 15minutes of conversation.
    Get, have yourself together first before trying to twine with another. There's no "better half" only becoming as "One" in marriage. If you don't understand what this means then you're not ready for marriage.
    Stop trying to make someone else be your hapPy. That's way too much work and responsibility and power to give to anyone else but YAHAWAH.

    A large part of being complete as a person is knowing who you are in the Savior first. And, knowing how to be alone with YAH and yourself in contentment.

    One of the hardest things it seems like to have many AWAKE to is to understand that THE MOST HIGH YAH in YAHAWASHI is not obligated nor is there any promise from THEM that unwed parents or their children will be taken care of by THEM. Why would THEY? It's an abomination before YAH Eyes to commit fornication. The poor children are bastards!

    STOP MAKING BABIES WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOVE! START LIVING AS YAHAWAH TELLS US TO LIVE! No, it's not the easiest path, but it's the best path.

    Great message and spiritual food for thought!


  3. Go read the first and second book of Adam n Eve u will c Eve full colors…and please don’t parrots 🦜 of off the white Mans rule to stay in that King James Version only because he was put there to destroy us not save us…
    It don’t matter what u say The black woman and the serpent goes hand in hand…as time went-on from the days of Eve to now,millions of daughters had been born to the serpent,so there’s not much use for the black woman again,only to reck her self and the family…

  4. Yup i've seen several situations where the father leaves his family. This is why my father taught us that we have to keep a job no matter what. He said if you have kids make sure you can take care of them because anything can and will happen.

  5. I think us as the daughters of Zion we need to stop being with misguided men and start being with men that are smart and that means well and we'll take care of his family.

  6. And we have to be smart to stop falling for these guys that don't mean us any good because we gotta think about ourselves and if we have children we had a thing about our children to and there well being

  7. In sodom and gomorrah, rampant was the scene of sexual immorality. The attack on the women, even then, was vicious! This final exodus, the Holy Spirit is ushering the righteous out of fornication and all manner of lasciviousness. There are more hearts of women turned toward our Elohiym. Our men have gone from anger with the white man to anger with their own women, rather than taking responsibility for their lack in serving and obedience to Elohiym. Their fight isn't with us. I'll take the spiritual separation. My doors, windows AND my legs are S H U T. I refuse to keep watch as our unprotective fathers, cousins, uncles, brothers and sons get ironed out by TMH. Part of the wheat and tares~

  8. Has a Daughter of Zion we have to put the most high first in my life and let the men pick the wife because for the scripture that says for he has fine a wife we'll find a good thing and obtain favor. Can us ask the daughter of Zion we have to be smart even though the man will come up to us how do you still have to have discernment to see what kind of man he is and if he is a good fit for you and if not continue to pray until the right one comes along.

  9. No black woman has ever had to put a man out of the home to receive government assistance. if a black woman receives government assistance for her and her children that's because the black man chose to leave the home. If the man stayed in the home, then for the household to receive government assistance, the rules would be according to the income of head of household.
    If a man was living at home with his wife and children he would be considered the head of the household. And if he had a job and did not go over the financial guideline, the family could receive government assistance. And if the man had no job he would still qualify for government assistance (as head of household). And those same rules still apply to this day. The black woman never had to put him out to receive government assistance. That is a lie, perpetuated mostly by black men as an excuse to-date white women. Black women applied for government assistance when the black man chose to leave! If you ever watched the movie Claudine, its because the father or fathers left her and the children, is obviously why she had to apply for government assistance. Because obviously her job as a maid was not enough money to support her and her six children. Black men need to stop blaming black women for their failures in life. Especially for the choices they chose to make!

  10. it's always the man who is to blame for problems in black relationships… point blank… everything is our fault, most of your views about this subject don't line up with the scripture. yall never want to except your fault, it's alway's a but in the end. even when it comes to Eve… she was decieved and YAH punished women for a act Eve committed on her own. when it comes to these children, that's yall punishment. YAH said between your children and satan's children. he was talking to her not adam, But it's still adam fault huh… men's punishment is for us to work the earth by the sweat of our brow. yes hard labor for our food. and if you're not a man, don't tell women what a man should do and not do unless it's coming from the law.

  11. SHABBAT SHALOM YAHSHA'EL! We have to realise the game play coming off the Heathens (set for the destruction of a Nation); it is written in Psalms 83; which touches ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES; we are just now coming out of Our spiritual sickness, the sins and curses of Our forefathers; realise and learn from this Psalms: What is it saying?… STOP BLAMING EACH OTHER AND YOURSELVES; Get to know how YAHUAH love HIS Prayers And Praises by HIS WORD, Keep His Commandment And Statues; and then the guidance from the Ruach Ha-Qodosh, which is within you, Yahsha'el, will make it Well!

  12. That's good Advice ahch wath (Sister) Deborah ! The Women of Yah'shar'al have to start Respecting and Caring More about themselves ! Don't Degrade themselves and not let Anyone else Degrade them as well ! Don't allow Society (The System) to Dictate what Society wants them to be ! And you're absolutely right about men being at fault, and Not being in the Place Where men are suppose to be ! Men have to understand that the System is Against us in every way ! Knowledge is Power put into Action !

  13. I love ur awareness and the way u express your thoughts…I wish all black woman will support they husband no matter how hard it, so the enemy will not get to destroy us

  14. ◄ Isaiah 3:12 ►

    Youths oppress My people, and women rule over them. O My people, your guides mislead you; they turn you from your paths

    The Black Community is led by Black Women, the Black Community is Matriarchal. The person who is leading is responsible.

  15. Dear Black Woman,
     I am writing this
    letter to let you know that the paradigm
    shift has finally taken place. I was
    given a dream by The Creator to warn and guide you
    as we usher in the final stages of This New World Order in The Age of Aquarius
    or what I simply
    call, “The Age of Revelations.”
    The new shift in consciousness will leave you by yourself to ponder many things. Why are you, The First Mother, in this predicament? Who
    put you there? How will you get yourself
    out? And finally, what is your true
    purpose on this planet?
    As I write this letter, I am compelled to let you
    know that you are going to face a
    tumultuous journey as you embrace
    freedom. Know that EVERYONE on this planet stands to gain
    something, tangible or not, from your
    oppression and degradation. The enemy will come dressed, coiffed and
    spoken as one of you so beware of all people.
    As you make choices that
    many will not understand, know that those who elevate you on a pedestal will be the first to
    eagerly tear you down as they witness your true power.
    As a black woman on this planet, everyone fears your power. Yours
    is majestic, magnetic and all encompassing.
    It is this power that they envy and fear. The real reason why men of all races
    try their hardest to control your womb
    and genitalia is due to the fact that you, Black Woman, the First Mother, are the
    closest thing to God that they can physically touch.
    To control the Womb of the Earth Mother is to be like God.
    And all people, male and female, wish to be God.
    As we usher in this new and sometimes frightening
    administration, a popular movie comes to
    mind:Black Woman,
    We are officially in the beginning stages of the Hunger Games and it will be every man, woman and child for himself. Those under the illusion
    that we are one big, happy, black family are in for a terrific rude awakening.
    When your belly begins to rumble, who
    will fight to make sure you have a piece
    of bread?
    Black Woman, I am telling you to get your
    life in order in any which way you can.
    If you are fat, lose weight and get fit
    in case you need to flee from danger. If you are sickly, learn the power of herbs and
    the RIGHT foods to get healthy as you
    will not be able to soon afford pharmaceuticals.
    If you are full of self hate, learn the awesome power of self love as you
    are going to be in for the fight of your
    And you will most
    likely fight this pulse pounding
    fight ALONE.
    If your children are uncouth, discipline them and
    set them straight as traps will be set for them THROUGH you.  If you
    are in an unfortunate love situation, leave as quickly as possible as Spiritual
    Powers are being used through the Ether to destroy you by proxy.
     Black Woman, you
    were put in a rough position and have been there for centuries. But you
    are strong and able and determined.
    Through that determination, you will and
    must survive or the planet will be lost. What a terrible burden this is! To bear the weight of the entire world on your tiny

    But…but…you will make it.

    In your darkest moments, turn inwardly and you’ll
    find strength you’ll never know existed. Turn to that strength to get you through. Turn to the power of your Melanin Spirit to get you through. Know that the real reason why they
    hate you and wish to destroy you is because
    they cannot EVER be you.

    Accept this and it will
    help to get you through.
    Black Woman, it is time to open your
    eyes and realize that you are : PUBLIC ENEMY ONE TWO AND THREE:
    Never be fooled by the propaganda.
    It was always about you,
    The Great and Powerful Earth Mother. This
    is why when we choose to date outside of our race, all hell breaks loose. The
    world knows this but desperately tries to keep it a secret. Open your eyes as to why the world fears, degrades,
    negatively sexualize yet envies you. 
    Black Woman,

    God Speed and know that you
    are loved and needed.

  16. WOW!!! a lot was said here… so i now pray that my response is NOT offensive!!!!

    1st off.. my response is back to the Husband,, Men of the Nation,, & the ones without….

    now… there's a problem with us going back to who we were, & are to be right now!!! & if ONE Gender expects to return back without the other,, & continue the bickering & biting at one another, Gal.5:15 then NEITHER is going anywhere… no one is taking these feelings into the Kingdom!!! NO Man should be REQUESTING a virtuous WOMAN, if he's not being a REQUESTED or "MAN OF GOD"!!! as the word says!! Apoc.Ecc.7:25 Eph.5:22 (((A man of UNDERSTANDING…. :: as UNTO the LORD!!))) for these women!!! & next… a Brother has got to be OUT of his mind seeking how many women he can get,,, OR a WOMAN at ALL!!! Did not our Lord say… Matt.6:33?? Let's not get stuck on stupid, with the Scriptures!!!! THE KINGDOM is at hand!! NOT Women!!! You got MEN and WOMEN!! learning 2 to 4 scriptures & now they filled with the Holy Spirit!!!! 2Tim.2:15 RIGHTLY dividing the word of TRUTH!!! & 16… & as in this video… NO OFFENSE,, but, too much VAIN Babbling!!!! we've heard that in THIS world!!! NOT enough of the LORD"S words being spoken… but what was GOOD that was said was, "Examine YOURSELVES!!" men & women!! We keep making it our OWN agenda!!!!… & it's not… stop forgetting the Lord!!! Jer.3:21 it's his fight!!

    Prov.4:1 INSTRUCTIONS!!! Are the men the ones to follow these Instructions, & the Women can just continue in there ways??? That's just a personal question of mine… I've tried to help women out in there ways… & with men… but they seem to CONTINUE, to prove me wrong… & the scriptures RIGHT about them & their ways!!!!!!…


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