'All outstanding issues must be solved via dialogue,' Pakistan PM Sharif writes to Indian PM Modi

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has written to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing his desire for better bilateral ties between the two countries and WION has exclusively accessed the details of Shehbaz Sharif’s letter.

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Comment (43)

  1. 0:22 Maintaining REGIONAL PEACE 😂 JOKE of the year .. don't forget Pak army is in power & these politician are Pak puppets…

  2. The United States call it "Liberation" instead of "Invasion". That was what US call it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and the list goes on… Why the double standard? Confused… Please enlighten. Genuine question…

    Instances of the United States "liberated" or overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    China 1949 to early 1960s

    Albania 1949-53

    East Germany 1950s

    Iran 1953 *

    Guatemala 1954 *

    Costa Rica mid-1950s

    Syria 1956-7

    Egypt 1957

    Indonesia 1957-8

    British Guiana 1953-64 *

    Iraq 1963 *

    North Vietnam 1945-73

    Cambodia 1955-70 *

    Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *

    Ecuador 1960-63 *

    Congo 1960 *

    France 1965

    Brazil 1962-64 *

    Dominican Republic 1963 *

    Cuba 1959 to present

    Bolivia 1964 *

    Indonesia 1965 *

    Ghana 1966 *

    Chile 1964-73 *

    Greece 1967 *

    Costa Rica 1970-71

    Bolivia 1971 *

    Australia 1973-75 *

    Angola 1975, 1980s

    Zaire 1975

    Portugal 1974-76 *

    Jamaica 1976-80 *

    Seychelles 1979-81

    Chad 1981-82 *

    Grenada 1983 *

    South Yemen 1982-84

    Suriname 1982-84

    Fiji 1987 *

    Libya 1980s

    Nicaragua 1981-90 *

    Panama 1989 *

    Bulgaria 1990 *

    Albania 1991 *

    Iraq 1991

    Afghanistan 1980s *

    Somalia 1993

    Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *

    Ecuador 2000 *

    Afghanistan 2001 *

    Venezuela 2002 *

    Iraq 2003 *

    Haiti *2004

    Somalia 2007 to present

    Honduras 2009 *

    Libya 2011 *

    Syria 2012

    Ukraine 2014 *
    Pakistan 2022 *

  3. Who Cares? What a Leader of a failed and a Terrorist state says, we do not nejjjed to even listen. First they have to stop supporting Terrorism, after we will see if it's worthwhile to sit with them

  4. The Pak rulers should ask themselves one question ? What is meant by POK – it is Pak occupied Kashmir and this territory was never theirs in the first place ; likewise, Kashmir was always an integral part of India – was, is and always will be and where is question for any dialogue
    The only meaningful dialogue would be, when will Pak retreat from POK !

    China will not be of any help in these matters as China itself would disintegrate into half a dozen or more countries anytime soon ?

  5. I doubt if Pakistan's military will accept peace with India. It can only keep its power as long as it is taking up this big share of the budget. I bet the military is already preparing a coup.

  6. This sounds like a very good idea. Please get your stuff together and proceed a more peaceful world !

  7. If you see Pakistan 🇵🇰 it's people, they would want to live injunction with India. We the people need and want peace not WAR.

  8. The best thing Pak could do is leave PoK leave baluchistan. That's all Nawaz sharif started his term with same thing. Imran Khan said the same thing and now he is saying the same thing. The major reason Imran Khan was voted no confidence was because he agreed with one Indian view does anybody really beleive this hoax they are spreading now.

  9. India always welcome ties with Pakistan but
    India expectations from Pakistan
    👉Disputes solved by only dialogue
    👉India like to trade with Pakistan
    But Pakistan must full this objectives
    Pakistan should not support terrorist group and Pakistan not sponsored terrorist into Indian territory otherwise bilateral relations not move head
    India advice or expectations from inside Pakistan
    ,👉Strong steps against fundamentalism and terrorist groups
    👉Pakistan must focus on inclusive development not focus only on Punjab province (adminstration jobs economic development)
    👉Limit the china influence in certain level (Pakistan not fall into china slavery)
    🇮🇳Jai Hind vande Mataram Bharat Mata ki Jai🚩🙏

  10. Most of them said the same thing again and again but they did exactly the opposite so it doesn't matter what they are saying. What matters is what those fools are actually doing to keep the peace.

  11. Sir first have you conveyed this message to your Army and ISI later unknowingly they may revolt OR may send terrorists( In yours ISI view r they for dialog) through their friends launch camp …….convey and Get NO OBJECTION from them and kindly mention that too sir

  12. Im zero percent optimistic….Again "Amaan ki Ashaa"… then a Paxtani formal visit…Then Paxtani terrorists infiltration..then a terror attack/plot..then back to square one…Indian leaders have to be realistic….look at Russia..how they are avenging on enemies..

  13. PM Sharif, please understand that you have no other option other than dialogue. Every other option will lead to the destruction of Pakistan.
    In fact, India is currently waiting for you to make a dumb decision because all your previous peers have been cowards.
    You see, India has never invaded a county in history. Of course, India takes pride in this fact and wouldn't mess it up. However, what if a certain dumb nation decided to wage war against India? That will give India legitimate reasons to invade Pakistan and completely obliterate it.
    Your nuclear weapons will be pointless in that scenario because as we have learned from the Ukrainian conflict and so many conflicts before, no one uses nuclear bombs even if a nation gets utterly destroyed by another, for valid or invalid reasons.
    Personally, I would love to see Pakistan gone because that would open a trade route straight to west and massively boost Indian economy. Not to forget that once Pakistan is gone, it will be easier to get rid of all the terrorist organizations operating under Pakistan's protection for decades. The world will become a much more peaceful place.
    India will rise strong as a much more powerful nation. And if Bangladesh agrees, it will be possible to link east asia to the west with India in the center. This will massively boost the world trade and Chinese tyranny will be directly bypassed that way. A win-win situation for the whole world.

  14. People are spreading unrest in India and asking dialogue??? Give back Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. And then don't come back again. Their can be no negotiations with theifs who have looted you…

  15. He is a big supporter of China .
    In any case India can never never believe Pakistan. POK has to be given back to India before talking bilateral relations.

  16. That's coz they do not have money to fight a war… They will start trade with India and then use the same money against us… Never underestimate your enemy who has no morals and lies through the teeth…

  17. Let’s talk of BALAKOT and Pulwama dear. Let’s talk about vacating POK. Let’s talk about Baluchistan liberation. Let’s talk about a free Sindh and let’s talk about Pashtunis. These are only outstanding issue.

  18. Wion Weird obsession with Pakistan. they should band this channe Pakistan news.
    I never understood India’s weird obsession with Pakistan.

  19. Lol no sorry, J&K belongs to India and they've exported terrorism. Peace is possible only if terrorism is wiped out from PoK.

  20. I'm a Chris Evans aka Captain America.
    And also a Father of many jihadi out there. In upcoming years PoK will be a Part of India 🇮🇳.
    ❤️From America🇺🇲

  21. I would like to clear up for all the Indians that Shebaz has just come to power in Pakistan he does not want to anger the Establishment and neighther wants to give an excuse to the opposition party of Imran Khan to come back in Pakistan. Shebaz has always wanted good relations with India but Pakistan at the moment is in Economic crisis due to previous governament mismanagement and he will only stable ties with India after he has a stable Governament. Shabaz is only hear for one Year he is completing term of Previous Governament. After Elections are Held he will resume Diplomatic Ties with India.

  22. Everything going on the world has to do with the Bible. Please accept Christ! He’s coming soon for His believers!


    1. Christ comes in the air for His own
    2. Rapture of all Christians
    3. Christians taken to the Father's house
    4. No judgement on earth
    5. Church taken to heaven
    6. Imminent – could happen any moment
    7. No signs
    8. For believers only
    9. Time of joy
    10. Before the "day of wrath" (Tribulation)
    11. No mention of Satan
    12. The judgment seat of Christ
    13. Marriage of the Lamb
    14. Only His own see Him
    15. Tribulation begins

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    2. No one raptured
    3. Resurrected saints do not see Father's house
    4. Christ judges inhabitants of earth
    5. Christ sets up His kingdom on earth
    6.Cannot occur for at least 7 years
    7. Many signs for Christ's physical coming
    8. Affects all humanity
    9. Time of mourning
    10. Immediately after Tribulation (Matthew 24)
    11. Satan bound in abyss for 1,000 years
    12. No time or place for judgment seat
    13. His bride descends with Him
    14. Every eye will see Him
    15.1,000-year kingdom of Christ begins

  23. Indians are the most delusional nation. They Wrongfully annexed junagarh, hyderabad and other princely states that acceded to pakistan. But they will cry on kashmir that is not even theirs.


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