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  1. I do consume a lot of processed sugar, all my life. My memory and congnitive function has decreased significantly over the last 2 years, I attributed to stress but I've started exercising again and trying to leave she'll fish, pork dairy and now sweets alone. It's hard but if I don't I'm only going to get worse.

  2. Hello to all,Hope Everyone Is Well and keepin the faith!.🙏🏿Roman 8:5🙏🏿Those who live According to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires but those who life in accordance with the Spirit Have their minds Set on what the Spirit desires!🙏🏿Blessings✊🏿

  3. I know that sugar is definitely a poison and I have no doubt that it can contribute to brain dysfunction, but I also believed that the flu vaccines (and other vaccines they market to the elderly population). Do you think vaccines have anything to do with Alzheimer’s? Thanks for all the great information brother!!

  4. This guy has the same amount of knowledge most of us have. I talked to.him fo 90 wanted minutes, and he gave me nothing, but stole my money.

    Save your money. Do what you need to do

  5. Wonderful prophet of health. I was almost 400 pounds years ago. I cut out a lot of sugar especially soda and juice and now I'm almost 200 pounds. I'm learning to protect And maintain my temple.

  6. I do consume sugar a lot due to stress and past abuse in my life.
    I believe this..
    I have a relative with dementia who always craved something sweet.
    I am cutting sugar in half.sugar is addicting like heroin.

  7. I have been taking Honey with my decaffeinated tea and coffee, now I have learned that's as bad as Sugar! And I have found my memory is not as good as it was 5 yrs ago. Thank you very much for this information.

  8. Hi I’m new to you, is there videos of how to prep and prepare for the family, if/when there is a time of chaos/survival, there is many vids on this from them, but want your perspective . Many thanks I have been seeing to many black helicopters to much in the uk something isn’t right.


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