Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. The Most High YaHH is refuge. Most High YaHH blessed us with good influence, mom stated the idle mind is the devil workshop. HalleluYaH for the eye seeking the Creator and not the lies of this world. Ps 23.

  2. I had a headache before this video started but now I feel literally nauseous listening to these chart camped brothers argue. Which always happens. There are many I've come into contact with and found to be sickeningly arrogant. I had to turn it down and didn't even wanna watch it. The African brother said " we are brothers" and the camped up brother immediately rejects the obviously kind & endearing statement. That says so much. It's commendable the African brother was trying to stick it out and plant a seed but the soil seems hard as stone. It's so sad seeing the delusion of pride on those brothers. There's no room seemingly, in them to have a constructive respectful dialogue… Even their common tone of voice is prideful and arrogant. They've mistaken volume & conviction of speech with actual truth. Deception from a loudspeaker is still deception. I'm not seeing the fruits of the spirit. Mainly peace itself. I discern an insecurity in this behavio..and that plus pride are qualities of Narsissism. Satan is using the truth of our oppression & the desire for vengence in men's hearts to hook ppl like this. Adding the truth of who we are without the Holy SPIRIT & a falsified chart… & you get militant angry men, misinterpreting scripture.
    There is NO CHURCH IN THE WILD..

  3. …Speaking of "Yakuba"…(One who is a fighter): In South African Tsonga/Mozambican Shangane and Ronga….all being dialects of the same language. ..the word "Nita-kuba" …actually means…"I will beat/fight you" …

  4. This was excellent! I’m from the US and I always here that Africans don’t like us. I never understood where it came from because most of the ppl who were saying that had never come in contact with anyone from Africa. I honestly never thought that because the two African brothers I’d met were super nice. But now I see we’re being brainwashed by the Khazars. I’ve also known about who controlled the narrative because I wanted to be an actor (hypocrite) for years. I always looked into who was writing, directing, and producing. A certain period were the common thread. That’s actually what TMH used to lead me to us being Israel.

  5. Deuteronomy states that
    68And YHWH has brought you back to Egypt in ships, by the way of which I said to you, You do not add to see it anymore; and you have sold yourselves to your enemies there, for menservants and for maidservants, and there is no buyer.” our brother's in the land will not except us back and despise us. This is written and unfortunately will not change. We in the U.S are treated horribly in law and equality. They will pass a Asian and Jewish hate crime bill, but will not protect the African American.

  6. Ach. I had to go back and watch again. Good job on this. I got so much to say about this too. I’ll just say again, good job!!!👑💪🏾⚔️

  7. ❤We better start loving one another….therefore i love you brothers and sisters scattered all around the world…Wishing you love from Kenya….all praises to the Most high Yah…peace….👊❤❤❤👊

  8. ❤️🔥🔥🔥MORE FIYAH🔥🔥🔥 This made me look at sports diffrently the UFC, Dana White promoting a bout between Francis Ngannou (Cameroon-Fench) to fight Jon Jones(US). Usman (Nigerian) refuses to fight Adesayna (Nigerian via New Zeland)…talks of UFC going to Africa? Coincidence?? Right as Yah's people are coming together on all the continents.


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