An Angry Spirit Can Stoke the Fire of Judgment

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    ..BRING IT OUT🎧💚♠️🏌️🕗🍷.. and can you also send a link with your apparel. 💚💚💜💯
    Was dealing was dealing with issues of anger also please put your apparel link so that I can order us some switch shirts and pants but I really need to hear this whole video because once my anger will go there it would just drive me crazy 🤣😂♠️

  2. Great lesson as always. I needed this because I Wake up angry I ask most high to ease my pain and my drama keep up the great work Shalum family

  3. I notice you guys wear jewellery. Is that not frowned upon by the most high? (just asking for guidance, not emotional backlash).

  4. Our son was murdered in 2008..We were so angry we went and got a gun seeking our sons killer..Thank Yah I begin to analyze everything..And was able to get my husband to see that killing him wasn't going to bring our son back..And to let the justice system take care of him..Natural life without the possibility of parole…

  5. @Watchman Reports
    What can you tell me about this?

    Malachi 1:2-3 kjv
    2 I have loved you, saith the LORD. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob,
    3 And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.

    Psalm 139:19-22 kjv
    19 Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.
    20 For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
    21 Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
    22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

  6. before jealousy ever arises, first UNrighteous 'free-floating' anger dwells in ones spirit – not the other way around, for when we read and follow His word daily and pray often, 'unceasingly', there is NEVER any spirit of jealousy indwelling and its known for what it IS: absurd and reciculous=jealousy..we just know it. I've studied this to no end, attempting to understand it, as i've not HAD jealousy as a part of my spirit, as strange as this does sound to MOST people, as i very well know most people do have jealous feelings arise in them, i was born understandfing we ALLLLLLL have certain benefits bestowed upon us, EACH. I just had this understanding FROM BIRTH!! Ive always been targeted since BIRTH, and so even before i fell into LOVE for His WORD and began praying in the holy spirit, i was perplexed to no end.. Confession: i've been many times over been very righteously angry over and AT people who purposefully set about to ruin the repuations of others who they feel threatened by and seeking vengeance – nutjobs as i see them, or, possessed, really….i have to re-mind myself that God/Yahua is in charge and that MY job is to spread His word – no matter i'll be despised, continued to be targeted..i've given up hoping that the jealous freak will trip and hurt his or her foot on a big rock, which i was in the habit of entertaining!! The huge lot of my sinning has been around FEAR from trauma-lovers, liars, thieves and murderers in the flesh, and i've NEVER been troubled by anyone or anything ELSE. I can read people SO easily and i talk to pretty much everyone wherever i go these days, and i learn a LOT this way… I enJOY an unutterable profound peace not of this world and while i live in constant sorrow, TOO. I find the more i speak about truth and facts as its silhouetted against Yahua's WORD, that people by and large LOVE talking with me!! Thank you, reader, for listeing to an old woman!! If you think old age sucks, you are WRONG and have been mind-controlled into believing this – old age ROCKS and i get ENERGY GALORE by staying friendly and free in the spirit of truth and LOVE while engaging with others. phewwww nuff said, huh! ps: i have had SO MANY screamers in my life who were KEY PEOPLE – not my mom, tho – i thank God/Yahua that i had the mom i DID!!💕🙄💕

  7. Shabbat Shalom Zion!!! All Praises to the Most High Elohim Yahuah! I am a child of Yah!! I pray my Father that he finds me worthy enough to spare me!!!


  9. Thank you. Angry spirits can overtake believers. If you see a stranger beating your child, its natural to get angry if its righteous indignstion. 1 peter:5:8

  10. We must die to the ways of the flesh and have fruits of the Ruach. Follow in the footsteps of our Messiah יהושע.

  11. But God's wrath is just, He angers, some texts say that it's fine to kill to defend yourself, you just can't kill the innocent or children.

  12. All praises due to The Most High God, for working through you to deliver this message. I just went thru a hurtful situation with an angry brother in this truth, just a few days ago. I pray that he sees this lesson (as he is the one that introduced me to your channel), and HEARS the message, and works on his anger and his hatred. As I listened to this message, I innerstood my feelings; my spirit cannot dwell around someone like that.

  13. This video is truly a blessing for my spirit! this is just what I truly needed to hear!! Shalom!! And I am definitely sharing this powerful video!! 🙏🏽

  14. Only TMH knows how much this issue needed to be acknowledged…

    Had to come back to listen to this again. Most focus on the outer information not inner issues……

    This battle I unfortunately have not yet conquered even after I think I have. Get wound up about what I see as injustices. Catch myself mumbling and grumbling about surrounding attitudes and mindsets. When too full have experienced snapping to the point of shocking my own self, being ashamed of temper and language, disappointed that I’ve failed to represent Father Yah once again. Keep away from certain attitudes but difficult when they’re members of your own family that you can’t get away from depending on situations. Thank Abba Yah for the grace that can’t help but still love those whose attitudes towards life hurts to the core even though wishing that they’d go through something to make them realise how awful their way is to another, However more than anything these tantrums make me realise how much the flesh still needs to be overcome and that these situations are allowed to test, strengthen and self examine…..

    I truly believe that the more we connect with righteousness and Yahshua’s way and example the more this demonic lack of control will be overcome if it truly be the wish of one’s heart. Our first step is to acknowledge in the first place…..

    I thank and praise The Almighty for using The Watchmen in you both that is really watching and genuinely seeking the meat and truth of The Word…..
    Thank you for your company and for those of like mind as I’m no longer on my own in my search to overstand and transform….

    APTTMHY…….May He continue to guide and enlighten you to the subject matter of what is most important

  15. I'm watching this from last Shabbat because I'm visiting my cousin in Tampa and they need to be introduced to Yah!
    You both are the best teachers ever and I'm trying to bring the Truth to those who are ready for it!
    And the reason your the internet gliches on you is because the devil's minions trying to stop you from doing live broadcast! Keep doing it anyway! 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  16. Shalom family, does anyone know where the testament of Gad is in The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha or is it just in The Forgotten Books of the Bible?

  17. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. God sent his only begotten Son so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith in Jesus. Trust Jesus. Jesus Christ. Jesus saves. Jesus conqueres. Calvary Cross. The Blood. Salvation. Gospel. Heaven or hell. Kingdom. Sacrifice. Eternity. Risen. Judgement. Righteous.

    God bless you.

  18. All Praises To The Most High God! I'm so blessed to receive this message! I was going through this, and now I see! Thank you Israel🙏!!!!

  19. It is so funny to listen to Watchman tell his story about his anger because he literally deals with the same struggles with anger as I do! It's like I'm hearing myself talking about myself as he speaks! My problem is that I get more angry with inanimate objects than I do with human beings! Don't get me wrong, human beings make me sick to my stomach, but my issue is with mechanical objects! LOL LOL!

  20. this is definately a weakness of mine….. it does really dwell in the belly of fools…. im doing clean out thanks to abba YAHUAH for giving me the knowledge.


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