An introduction to neural interfaces

Neural interfaces, brain-computer interfaces and other devices that blur the lines between mind and machine have extraordinary potential.

These technologies could transform medicine and fundamentally change how we interact with technology and each other. At the same time, neural interfaces raise critical ethical concerns over issues such as privacy, autonomy, human rights and equality of access.

This Royal Society Perspective takes a future-facing look into possible applications of neural and brain-computer interfaces, exploring the potential benefits and risks of the technologies and setting out a course towards maximising the former and minimising the latter.

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  1. The South-African Priaash Ramadeen("The Awareness Company") could be developing a terrorist espionage and anti-personnel weapon within the South African Defence and Security cluster based on Brain Computer Interface scientific research and high powered new satellites.Very unethical,immoral and could be deemed a war crime if tested on civilians or unsuspecting law-abiding residents of South-Africa.It's noteworthy that South-Africa has just had a serious incident at the US Embassy that included incitement to violence e.g. "One American,One Bullet".

  2. I'm fascinated by how this will affect criminal law, as witnesses will become far more reliable, with judges and juries being able to experience exactly what they saw, heard and felt, not to mention being able to precisely know times and locations for any event. Even dead witnesses will have useful testimonies, if the information gathered from their neural interfaces survived them.

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  4. Privacy issues / AI threats aside – we will be able to handle these issues in time – give people a shot at life first – we will learn how to handle the unintended side effects people

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