Ancient Aliens: Nanotechnology (Season 11, Episode 3) | History

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Transhumanists believe our bodies will soon be home to nanomachines so that humans can live much longer, healthier lives in this clip from Season 11, Episode 3, “The Next Humans”. #AncientAliens
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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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  1. Or they could just use it to reduce the human over population! Mass extinction to save the planet. Taking beyond our means for Greed. Nothing put back or very little. The next 50 years will show what the careless greed of the people in power have done

  2. Ok so how many people agree with this, it's incomprehensible how overpopulated the world would become, more so the control mechanisms, are these scientists even examining the moral computations here?

  3. Nanobots operated using ultraviolet light? What if the mutation and spread of these microbes are dependent on high energy subatomic particles coming to the Earth from outer space? Fantasied as it may sound, but is not this thing indicated in some ancient revelations?

  4. Así es como se aprovecharán para poner los microchips contra el covid19 en tu cuerpo,y poder controlar tus reacciones en tu cuerpo por medio de la señal 5G,ahora sí crees el plan macabro que planea la organización mundial de la salud y el imbécil de Bill Gates tu decides si te la pones o no,

  5. Wanted to meet an Ancient Astronaut Theorist?! Well , we have to apply in advance with the Ministry of Antiquity … After all , they're Ancient if we are still wondering … 🕯🌷🕊🌍

  6. The Dravidians and Vedics had svarna bhasma (gold ash) several thousand years ago. In 2011, medical studies classified svarna (also spelled 'swarna') bhasma as a 'nanomedicine'.
    Bhasmas in ayurvedic and siddha medicines are metallic medicines and are essentially metals that have been reduced small enough into an ash, and can easily and safely pass through the human bloodstream and cellular walls, etc.
    The metallic particles in bhasmas have been reduced into the nanometer range.
    In Exodus 32 where Moses takes the golden calf and puts it into the fire and grinds it to a powder and then puts that powder into water for the Israelites to drink is evidence that Moses knew of bhasma making.
    In a video on the Anunnaki, Billy Carson was saying that gold is more than just a precious metal. It is more like a technology as it is extensively used for technological (and even medical) purposes rather that of just mere ornamentation.

  7. No Chance.. If we were meant to be built/created with nano tech bodies I'm sure that's how we would be but we're NOT… To consider this is to forfeit FREE WILL ,possibly even the soul…We have so many great hackers so what happens, might someone's arm gets hacked where they have picked up a knife and starts stabbing himself, whilst laying on the floor, DEAD, the arm now starts to fillet the body…WTF…. I know it's out there but hey the worlds literally run by MAD MEN…

  8. I was poisoned and had synthetic telepathy used on me and am being tortured to death by my ex girlfriends roommates friend named Andre who is in possession of a neural brainwave transmitter or as some call it an elf which is an acronym for electric low frequency device and it can easily kill you and this man is murdering me with it I need your help in this please help

  9. Reverse aging will never be available to ordinary ppl only a few elite will have access to that technology…if everyone could to it you wouldn't have to prevent child birth bc the world would become over populated within 100 years

  10. Ha ha ha ha so funny. I am sure you are like the one I felt before. Pushing the icon even if there is nothing funny and then ask, why so serious? Did the joker lied when he talked to batman? In order to prove that, it has to be… now, did he lied on some aspects?


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