Angels Delivered Lot: Surely They Will Also Deliver Me? Waiting For Angels

But what about Lot? He didn’t have to flee, did he? The Most High was merciful to him and sent an angel to take him out of Sodom & Gomorrah. Won’t he do the same for us? Why would our situation be any different?

Today’s video looks at the answers to these questions and more as we continue to look into fleeing out of the midst of Babylon. We do hope this series of videos is helping you to understand the end time gathering of Yasharal.

Here is the entire playlist:

Here is the first video that inspired all of this playlist:

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  1. The message is clear…the difference between Lot and us is evident. We were warned thousands of years ago by the Messiah himself. Heed the warning ⚠️ family. TMH Yahuah will take care of you when you come out of Babylon. He has done so for me since leaving USA
    8 months ago. Listen to the Ruach HaKadosh of TMH Yasharal. Shalum.


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