Anger rest in the belly of a fool

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  1. todah for a beautiful message! no doubt we need the Ruach Ha Koddesh to be greater in us than he that's in the world!

  2. HallaluYAH for WORDS that are good for the Soul and the Mind and the Heart. Praise and Glory in Honour and Thanks to one name,One will and One Kingdom for ALL in LOVE,MERCY and TRUTH YAH for Watchman and his Family in Spirit and Flesh for Glory and Honour to be Always to YAH ABBA Amen Amen Amen.

    Thank you,great message for ANY DAY OF YAH HallaluYAH ABBA YAH Amen Glory and Honour too,through,in as is in me YAH Amen Amen Amen.

  3. Todah for an uplifting message. I appreciate it. I can honestly say I struggle with anger, but after this message, I will pray. Keep the messages coming Watchman Yahu… Shalom

  4. This is for me, i have too much temper which I pray about alot. i am tired of me. plz pray for it even pushes people and my family.

  5. Shalom my brother, halleluyah, and thank you for sharing those kind of Scriptures.  Even myself sometimes tend to get angry before thinking.  Shalom.


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