Animals are Vanishing: Extinction Crisis

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Comment (43)

  1. Lamentation of Ezra, with Response:
    65 Let the human race lament, but let the wild animals of the field be glad; let all who have been born lament, but let the cattle and the flocks rejoice. 66 It is much better with them than with us; for they do not look for a judgment, and they do not know of any torment or salvation promised to them after death.

  2. Esau like Donald Trump Jr. go and kill endangered species bragging abt it all the time. Remember that blk lion Cecil who was killed by a Esau dentist ? Esau has no heart and cares abt nothing cept how much money they can steal from anywhere.

  3. , Asians be poaching , and killing animals like they are made in a factory, fish they eat everything, the young, eggs nothing has time to recover. Why is the few rich allowed to destroy when they all should be jail or worse given to the sharks and rhino to enjoy.

  4. This is pass sad YAH not the animals anything but the animals. This is the result when man call themselves ruling. I can't wait until this wicked,evil world is destroyed

  5. The capitalist spirit causes man to monetize everything.

    Tigers have been going extinct for a number of human causing reason, but one of those reasons is their bones. Traditional chinese medicine uses tiger bones in their remedies, but now that there is a global market for traditional chinese medicine, practitioners need more product which compells them to move without morals, and now tigers are going extict, so now what they are doing is importing lion bones (since they are similar to tiger bones) from Africa to China, but of course they are not just walking the Savannah and finding lion bones, naw, they raise lions in what is known as lion farms, and these lions are raised in a semi wild controlled environment, to be hunted by hunters from around the world, and then the bones of these lions are are sold to china.

  6. The moabite is largely responsible for most of the endangered animals in Africa with their "traditional medicine" !

  7. All these causes are already set in the book of Revelation,the Judgement has been enacted ABBA YAH is no longer winking at our ignorance..

  8. Todah Elder. Hosea 4:3 lines up with the current situation effecting all life. These verses from Job speaks volumes and I'm listening. Todah for teaching. You are a ברק.

    Job 12:7-10
    7 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:

    8 Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.

    9 Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of TMH hath wrought this?

    10 In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

  9. I live in AZ and about 90% of our insects have disappeared. I am an outdoors person and i have noticed the declined over the past 4 years . I can leave my door open and not one fly, or moth will come in. I use to have to use a fly swatter and I haven’t used one in months. I had ant hills in my backyard during the summer and now there are none. I haven’t seen an ant in years. Even our regular crickets have significantly diminished. People are too focused on their phones to notice that our world is changing. Thank you 🙏🏽 Family for this important video.

  10. I respect you and your wife's channel but sometimes you might want to listen. Do yourself a listen look up in the sky during the day. Do you see the lines from the planes? Here's why Dan wigington has a weekly address about what WHAT those lines represent. Read the Georgia guidestones to understand why. Follow or at the least take a listen to Deborah Tavarres to understand why. CNN is a joke; those scientist are a joke that you mentioned. Because they knew all along but wouldn't and still don't tell the truth worried about their tenure and retirement. Animals aren't disappearing their being slaughtered. What do you think is happening really? Are you serious about wanting to know why it are you posting to get your numbers up? Do you like preachers only want you're audience to come to your channel therefore you won't recommend the ones above I've been posting all along our here? If you allow yourself and others the chance to find out you will be sickened to your stomach. It will change and sadden you. THERE IS NO FUTURE. THE DEMONS HAVE CONTROL OF THE POWER STRUCTURE. THEY WANT TO DESTROY ALL THAT REPRESENTS THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE PURPOSE. The reasons those scientist provide are LIES.

    WAKE UP!!! LOOK UP. Who is spraying? What are they spraying? Why are they spraying what they're spraying?

    Can you face the truth. Can you're audience? Do you have the stomach?

  11. Theres plenty alternatives, but they hide it b/c they want to keep their money flow. Black ppl are the only group on the planet that will stop this. Everyone else has accepted being bootlicks for white supremacy.

  12. They like to talk about climate change (new name for global warming) and how humans and COWS are causing it, but why didn't Congress stop 5G and why haven't they banned chemtrailing?!… In addition to this, I hear nothing of sanctions against our large corporations that cause major pollution! Why is this??? Or world is so backwards… it's sad the animals are dying, but people have more concern for animals than they have regard for unborn babies!

  13. Esau is so cruel and wicked there's no place for them on this earth for TMH YAH created them to be the wicked… Not even the animals can live in peace with them and as they see the enemy approach their instincts tells the animals they come to kill…..They destroy TMH YAH creation, the air we breathe and poison our foods, they're the wicked devils of the earth!!

    Shalawam! ✊🏽

  14. This is so sad if this is what's happened to the animals, what will be the end of us! We must pray to our HEAVENLY Father The Most High YAH and ask for protection and guidance from these demonic entities that are all around us walking amongst us every day! "Oh LORD Most High helps us and protect the House of Jacob and have mercy upon us." Aman! 🙏🏽

    Shalom 🙌🏽

  15. I feel for those comming behind me thats it,Man was given dormain the awesome responsibility to take care of it,n they destroyed it instead,When I say awsome responsibility I don't mean it in a burdesome way, Just the opposite,I don't claim to know the man of GOD but I do claim to know I have a responsibility to take care of mother nature.


  17. Greed have this place in one hot mess 😭😭 😭. They are too greedy 😡😡😠. Now everyone has to deal with the consequences.

  18. Wicked rules…no more balance in the earth due to the higher levels of wicked negative energy (dark-matter) embraced by wicked people.

  19. Coronavirus in china accelerating.. Death toll rises to 41………….. Locust swarms. Sweeps through east africa- theatens food in kenya. Worst in 60 yrs

  20. Reasons why the most high says the whole earth will rejoice when the wicked is no longer in rulership from Isaiah chapter 14. The Following the most High’s commands in food such as not eating the shell fish which keep the oceans clean is just one way they can improve marine life, thus improving the lives of countless animals contributing to the food chain.. But they have a made a delicacy& have over exploited the earth’s creatures such as lobster, crab, Clam, oyster.. etc. for their greedy profit.


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