Another shooting reported in US, 4 injured in Washington DC shootout | WION

Another incidence of gun violence has been reported in the US where at least 4 people have been shot including a child near a college preparatory school in Washington DC. According to reports that are emerging, the suspect has been found dead after the police launched a massive manhunt

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Comment (25)

  1. USA is a mindlessly violent country where almost anyone can get guns and use them for no reason on random people. Happens every day and night. Never stops: FREEDUMB!

  2. As an American I can tell you that we have A massive mental heath crisis here and it reaches way past guns.
    Its in our schools, on our streets, and even in alot of our churches.
    Its everywhere.

  3. As an American maybe the wannabe social justice heroes who don't put away criminals should stop blaming the gun the catch and release methods just don't work we shouldn't be trying to grow the population of criminals

  4. As an American, I'm concerned with what our government is doing to human rights internationally. They purged a whole generation of Americans under the guise of a war on drugs. God only knows what kind of atrocities it has committed. If they will kill us with extreme prejudice, I can only imagine how they treat foreign citizens.

  5. The hypocrisy in these comments, even USA's greatest enemies like China would agree they are a lot more suffer then India. But then again indians can't decide to hate either China or USA or both in a single day

  6. Ah the so called champions of Human rights or should we just call them what they really are….. champions of hypocrisy

    Oh how the mighty falls….

    Preaching human rights to the world while letting people go nuts with guns at home and picking off innocent people with drones in other sovereign countries in the name of fighting terrorism

    Gun lobby ne gand mei danda dal rakha sabke…achha hai

  7. Another day another mass shooting incident. Usa really should look within first, instead of lecturing other nations what should they be doing

  8. Why does all of WION's presenters look like Caucasian's, and not like the dudes that own all these 7-11's and circle K's?????????
    Get some color WION!!!!!
    Or are you guys striving to be like the Caucasians?

  9. There is too much violence n chaos in US….some country should invade/intervene to restore peace like it's done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria

  10. USA number 1 , we indians should be worried about worsening human rights violation in US. Soo shameful.

  11. now what will said America? Laden was killed, so who did this ??? ğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜Ž

    Where is Bush and Blair??? Why they are silent???



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