Apple got this emoji wrong

Justice for the lotus emoji!


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Comment (38)

  1. Ok , jhonny , you're wearing saffron and talking about lotus ….. were you paid by BJP for this ? XD

    Context : BJP is the party currently in power in india , it's a right wing party , and saffron is a key colour of right wing in india . And yes their symbol is also a lotus , a saffron lotus . And if anyone got offended , that line above this context , was sarcasm.

  2. Because emoji's are primarily controlled by companies that run Android, so they're made for Android. Emojis are just text code so it's up to the company to design the graphic correctly. Like this "U+1F600" is just this 😀

  3. I’m assuming that this was original intended to be a Lilly pad but do to it some what resembling a lotus people started sending it as such. Not sure this is an issue we should light the world on fire for. 🪷


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