Aquila & Priscilla husband and wife teachers of the word of Yah in Scripture – ORIGINAL UPLOAD 2015

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Comment (24)

  1. I've been watching for some time now and I've never heard your views on polygeny… What are they?

  2. Deborah and Yahu I am so glad to see you on this subject of husband and wife delivering the word of YAH ! Because so many of these self righteous preachers need to hear the 2 of You and then go back and read the word and read with comproh

  3. My first comment I didn't finish hit the wrong key comprehension is everything ! You got these self righteous preachers who say what the 2 of you are wrong ! They are taking thier own spin on what a scripture is saying seriously? Sad but true !

  4. All praises to Yah blessed be his holy name forever, thank you sister Deborah and brother Yahu for this lesson. 😇

  5. I dont think its strange, I think it is absolutely wonderful ! I totally agree, The both of you have a great rapport and a beautiful family ! It takes 2 to make a thing go right! Women are the helpmates and the mothers , how can we be the first providers and teachers and not be able to do it throughout the years? Women provide the first address, the first meal, and teach the first words also.

  6. HalleluYAH! I so believe that this is a defining factor on whether or not some men have YAH’S understanding, HIS RUARK. So many men will miss this. Period. Women too.

  7. Question family. Was Herod a Jew. And in John 8:39 when The Pharisees said that Abraham, not Yacob was their Father. Did they say that because they were Jews, or Jewish? Meaning Converts. Or were they from Judah, Benjamin or Levi? The Southern Kingdom? I guess what I’m asking is, every time the Term Jew is mentioned in the Scriptures. Is it safe to assume it is referring to Yacob/Israelites seed referring to the seed of Judah? Because the Pharisees, are always referred as being Jews. Although in John 8 them and Christ are only referring to them as Abraham seed and not Yacob. If you have the answer, please make it make sense! Thank you.

  8. Shalam Watchman, sister Deborah and the Yisraeliym 💙💜 please keep helping us in learning the ways of the Most High. Your teachings are winning souls and that is not taken lightly. To Yah be all the glory..Shalom and Baracks to you all.

  9. 1 Peter 3:7

    “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”


  11. I thank you two so much for this. I have always felt that I have a calling, but because of these false teachings I grew up with, I felt that If I pursued this deep calling I would be disobeying the Most High’s. Thank you.

  12. Amen Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah, my husband and I teach the same way in our home. The Most High have designed it this way for us. All Praises Unto The Most High!!!❤

  13. I'm sorry…The question and your facial responses had me WEAK 😆🤣
    But I do love your teaching. Can't wait to find my tribe/community.


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