Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8
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  1. At what point, WHAT POINT? Will Afrikans wake up to the Arab racist enslavement of them. This is mainly done thru Islam. We are so religious that we adhere to it NO MATTER WHAT.

  2. BLACK is beautiful! It is sacred ! It is the source of creation, the source of intelligence, the source of humanity. The OTHERS' power and hatred have made us feel that there is something wrong with us blacks. We respect power too much . Power is corrupting and often corrupt. Have faith in the Source, blackness.
    It's a Mind Game.

  3. And they wonder why a number of their countries have been bombed back into the stone age. This is a recompense on the head of modern day "Arabs", TMH used Babylon to punish you for the treatment of his people. Yet they still haven't learned and are carrying on like fools still involved in the slave trade and making a mockery of Yah's people. Well it's a good thing TMH isn't done with you yet, far worse punishment is inroute.

  4. Brother , again, you provide an important service to our community. Thanks for providing this video to us, the Afrikan community. Hopefully, it will observe and learn. We are a hard headed people. If only we dared to look within.
    It's a Mind Game.

  5. Sad. Hard to watch. Can't tell me Deuteronomy ain't about us! The book of Hosea was straight up r*pe of our ppl and witchkraft from those that florished after our captivity and tampered and burnt our books and changed our names!!

  6. Arab racism in Africa has Not stopped 😳, it continues to this present day! Plus this slave trade makes the deplorable European slave trade look like a day at the LA County Fair. Come and enjoy the day and play at the fair, and have the time of your life! Right! We blacks have no haven here, our haven is The Most High only. The name of The Most Yahuah is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10 Berean Study Bible.
    The name of Yahuah Most High is a strong tower; the righteous will run to it and be strengthened. Proverbs 18:10 Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    The Most High is like a strong tower, where the righteous can go and be safe. Proverbs 18:10 Good News Translations
    The name of The Most High Yahuah is a strong tower; a righteous person rushes to it and is lifted up above the danger. Proverbs 18:10 International Standard Version.
    The name of Yahuah is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are protected. Proverbs 18:10 Holman Christian Standard Bible

  7. The youths them definitely needed to see this this is right on time. Your work always sell off, well done my brethren always happy to watch…it’s like every time I address the youths about something next day or so you just come master the thing. it’s like we’re spiritual connected although I never meet you keep doing your thing the youths them need this type of knowledge. Blessing to you and the family brethren

  8. Tgat kind of evil behavior and oppressing others shows weakness, stupidity ignorance because they do not know who is going to Ride Upon the Wings of the Wind and come down to bring judgment. Its no wonder we see disasters happening in those countries. If only they were wise they would repent because they may better tie a rock around their neck and dink themselves to the bottom of the ocean than to do that to the little ones. Baba in Heaven avenge for those little children who had to walk days carrying ….

  9. Shalom my brother as always very interesting and eye opening about what's happening in Soudan and the modern day slavery trade that the Arabians are running down the Children of Israel in the country we are all Witness to the injustices given to our brother and sisters father's and mother's daughter's and son's I pray that the Most High Keeps his Promises to take the vengeance and judgement he ascribe in the Good book on our Enemies in Yahusha name Halleluyah Shalom.

  10. Arab people don't like dark skin people most of them the pretend to like us but they don't. I'm so tired of all this people hating on us because we are black!😔

  11. 💕🙋🏾‍♀️💕 Shalom bro. TCA! Although lslam was started by white people, dark skinned black people are the true, original Arabs! All others are immigrant infiltrators from Europe & Asia – particularly Turkey. Also, I do not believe slavery was every abolished, particularly in so-called Arab countries! They WILL pay dearly for their deep seated racist treachery and inhumane barbarism against dark skinned people!

  12. That religion worships whiteness. Oh who is whiter? Is it the prophet or the moon! This same prophet when his son-in-law raped a serf (black slave) he said, 'if it were me, i'd have done much worse to the serf'

  13. My brother TCA is opening our eyes to the truth one video teaching at a time. We are so very blessed to have u brother. Many thanks for always provoking thought and deepening our understanding. I trust the Most High is making His face to shine on u and ur growing family. All praises to our Heavenly Father for u!

  14. Please research early documentary films of Arabs enslaving Africans. In the early sixties. You will find disturbing sights. One documentary show children in chains with limbs removed, only hands left for them to crawl about in their chains. It is truly disturbing.

  15. Also please become familiar with Professor Tony Martin. Tony Martin was a Trinidad and Tobago-born scholar of Africana Studies. From 1973 to 2007 he worked at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and over the course of his career published more than ten books and a range of scholarly articles. You can find him give a number of lectures about slavery. Look diligently because it is not always easy to find his lectures. He also give’s in-depth lecture on Marcus Garvey. There is one lecture where he is presented by David Irving whom you should also research, an interesting speaker on other aspects of history.

  16. What a lot of Muslims don't know is that Bilal father was a Yemeni Arab his mother was Ethiopian thus he was born into slavery but he was an Arab he never even visited Ethiopia facts!

  17. Till today every original Turkish person calls Blacks man an Arab. In Turkey 🇹🇷 or within Europe Turkish people will not hide it calling you an Arab. At first I was angry whenever they called me an Arab. I was angry because I didn’t know and I was ignorant to Black history. I didn’t even know the so called Middle East was once upon the time jet Black.


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