Are these Black People Nephilim as described in The Book of Enoch?

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  1. Every race has abnormal tall people Racist !🕎 You're giving Ignorant people an Excuse TO HATE THIS RACE✡️ THE SAME TACTICS HITLER USED AND OTHERS🛐 YOU'RE THROWING ROCKS AND HIDING YOUR HANDS
    You didn't say it but You DID MORE THAN INSTIGATE HISTORY

  2. You are the descendants of nephilim says the tall negro to the short white man. Oh the Irony. Science says black people are 100% homo sapiens. Which means they haven't changed genetically or phonetically since they walked this earth. The tallest neanderthals were 5ft. And they were a minority. Today's kids could beat them up. So when african homo sapiens Invaded their lands, you can Imagine who were the ones getting conquered. Was It the 7ft muscular homo sapiens or the 5ft chubby neanderthal?🤔

    We don't know the answer but we do know that the highest percentage of neanderthal dna is 7%. That means the lowest homo sapien dna percentage Is 93% .I am guessing It didn't go very well for them.

  3. I didn't know goliath was only 9ft(I know that's alot) but I just imagined him to be much more

  4. my understanding is that the children of the nephilem were destructive and violent and also larger. do you think that over time the children grew less and also became less volatile? i believe these are nephilem offspring and am curious if they became watered down over time.

  5. Their they go Black is a color not a race so who are they….im not going to tell you because their are some things we need to leave to the most high God but I will say this white is also a color and I can give you the descendants of the Races and the tables of nations to make you comfortable Hamites is the descendants or Race of Ham shemetic people are also people of color I know you watched the movies but the movies has it's own agenda the Bible is clear for the beginning for Gods Children to have the books on history past present and future events I will answer questions only pretaing to Gods Children and what they need to know which is the Good News..

  6. I think they all were drowned an killed in the flood. ONLY Noah & his family were saved with 2 of every kind of animal in the ARK.

  7. I got a better understanding, a lot of this stuff is twisted. Almighty God a miracle worker and Lord god a scientist. After Almighty ask Lord god let make man, Lord God decided to do his own man this is why he hate he made man. They keep leaving out the fact that god destroyed both man. And they keep leaving out about Almighty or Lord God having Moses pull his hand out his chest and it turned white.

  8. why these white folks are trying so hard to erase the Black race of afro hair, We do stand out from all others. And the way the world is going. I be glad to leave soon, but for some reason I seen things

  9. I did read a long time ago that Noah's son Ham who was married to his wife when they were on the ark and made it through the flood, that she was the one who's DNA  could have been possibly infected by the DNA of the nephilim.

  10. Pre flood the atmosphere was different and it supported plants, animals, and mankind that were bigger, and taller versions than we see today, there is physical proof of this if you research the petrified remains of the pre flood be plants, animals and humans, and scientists are confirming these finding and that atmosphere was indeed ideal for such growth. There simple Google pre flood searches that can lead you to this information. Yahuah always leaves us his mark, or clues to what was and what's to come. He has allowed tall people to remain on this planet to show us how tall we used to be and to show us just how tall the nephilim were since they towered over our previous flood ancestors. I can imagine that Noah and his sons were much taller than their children because Yah changed the atmosphere after the flood but still allowed some men and women to be tall as a reminder. Please don't take this as me saying the nephilim doesn't exist anymore, because there's no doubt that they still do.

  11. They admit that Egyptians are black when they want pin something evil on them 12 or even 15 feet men are not giants in the bible giants are described as 3 thousand ells in 1 Enoch which is 4,500 feet a 45 story tall building look it up in the bible or just google it so these black people are just very tall people not Nephilim there are many stone giants on youtube look up in those days there were giants and you will see that every stone giants that are at least 2 miles high have Caucasian features they look white with pointed noses and red hair they have not found a black giant made of stone or otherwise the proof is in the pudding some people want to stear the truth away from themselves and I am not talking about white people I am talking about those who are in charge of creating our false history the Elite powers that be

  12. The Nephilim are returning because all the different races were created by fallen angels sleeping with black women! Why do you think Portuguese and Brazilian people look so much like angels! That’s why they named Victoria’s Secret girls angels because angels have beauty!

  13. There is no text EVER to suggest this, considering Ham was born after the necessary flood to destroy Nephlims children of the "Watchers"… Smh

  14. I think black people are the are the modern day nephilim..and it’s a perfect blend in to society nobody can say anything to them because you’ll be called a racist …look how tall these nba players are .. they fit in perfect and nobody can say anything….wake up america …..

  15. Goliath was a philistine , biblically the philistines lived in Sudan, the tallest people in the world are the nilotic peoples of south sudan & their ancestor were taller in ancient times.


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