Are we allowed to prosper in the land of our Captivity? Open Forum

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  1. Could you pin the songs you were naming in the comments? Or if anyone could name any of them? I just asked Yah to turn me off to rap, and he did. So uh lol I could really use some suggestions cuz I've never been big on gospel and i don't want any gospel unless it's not in the mainstream churches! Thanku Watchman and Deborah it was an enjoyable study with the q&a

  2. I'm sorry the rapping praise and worship music does not move me at all. I play the guitar and sing, and when I was in the church many years ago , even though we were in Christian Insanity. The music went down in my soul I could feel HIS presence. Those old time spirituals still touch your spirit in this walk! The rap is not for me.

  3. I do the same thing with the gospel songs now!Inserting YAH instead of God or Lord!!Songs of praise DO get down in my soul!!As I understand it,Judah sung the praise songs!I have known for some time that birds praise YAH in their chirping!!

  4. "That wicked servant should have put his money out to the exchangers, that when the Master returned he would have gain interest on his .("LUQAS 19: 11-27 )But taking and hiding it is not what the Most High want us to do either. Therefore it is profitable for us to work and invest our money. In the same token these young people should be producing by having children, or offspring. This I think is the whole of being fruitful and multiplying. However, none of this can be realized if we are in sin and our environment is not set up right! Our environment definitely plays a major role in how much we can proliferate. Thanks for having this discussion and service. Shabbot Shalom Family!

  5. Shalom Sabbat Watchman: F.Y.I. I Love The Total Praise To However, I have to worn you = Amen Amen Amen Is The Egyptian God RA. I Teach That Message On One Of My YouTube Channel. Watchman And Deborah I Want You To Do A Reach On It And Please Bring A Lesson For Your Channel, L.O.L. Lots Of Love Shalowam Big Bang YAHOO.

  6. Shabbat shalom! Thank you so much I look forward to studying with you every Shabbat enjoy your day family. HalleluYah!!!🙏🏽❤️👍🏽

  7. Be very careful using the contemporary Christian and gospel songs. Many of the artists don’t serve the same Elohim we serve. Some of them aren’t even saved. They are double-minded and unstable in all their ways. Some support agendas and lifestyles that TMH would not be pleased with.

  8. Ask Yah for comfort.
    He'll give you thr garmet of praisrr
    But yes encourage your.self… Halleluyah Hallelujah music…dont wallow..I know first hand. now Im wiser.He allow you mercy and grace to settle your self and keep it moving..🛐🌅

  9. Love theses songs. Especially first one. You sang the 2nd one different this time. Loved the version. Makes me feel like I’m in my roots or how I imagine we used to sound. HalleluYah! Sooo appreciated……I try to remember them throughout the day. Believing one day soon you’ll record them or put them together for worship through music.

  10. Shalom my brother and sister and your entire family I enjoy your message I agree he also said that he wish about all thing that we prosper and be in good health,may yahuah continue to Barack you and your family to share,teach and interpret his words in yahusha name Halleluyah.

  11. Our Abba will bless those of us who seek to live in obedience to him no matter where we're living. The key is obedience.

  12. Shalom! I didn't hear the scripture you're reading from and what Bible are you teaching from? I'd like to buy one. I have a problem with the KJV and other Bibles that have been rewritten containing lies.

  13. Ive always wanted to open my own business. Ive had a online business selling sea moss. I am weary of selling products that go against Yah laws. Opening up a store that sells pork products would that be sinful? I dont want to sell anything unhealthy to our people.

  14. My mom used to sing a song about the birds giving thanks .. it was called Everybody let’s praise his name 🙌🏾 you just bought me back so many memories ..Thanks you watchman

  15. The Universe Doesn't Work Like That😏

    Just Like The Make Up Of The Atom,,, IF You're Positive, You Attract Negative, If you're Negative, U Attract Positive.

    That's how it works, Just Ask Jesus IF His Being Good Brought Him Good, Or Did His Being Good Attract Evil To Him Instead?

    Sound Right Reasoning😌👍 and Food For Thought🤗

    Wisdom & Peace😎👌

  16. Dat's Why Da Bible Say: MY = [GAWD'S] = Child, Do Not Be Dismayed, When You See Evil Men Prosper😏 For They Already Have Their Reward🤗

    Sound Right Reasoning and Food For Thought😎👌

    Wisdom & Peace

  17. Wow! Great lesson, so many people worrying about not sing a song we learn in Christian Church but what y’all don’t realize the songs where about Yah. Of course this days, they have lost their way. We have have Holy Spirit to see through all.

  18. Thank You Brother & Sister🕯 You have been a inspiration and strong illumination in leading me back home to YAH and the Messiah of Sabbath, in many ways your journeys and truth resemble my personal journey in truth, including with my wife and children; from the confinement of streets to the Baptist Church, to leaving the old man behind and ushering in a new man for the New yerusalem, May father continue to inspire you and your beautiful family and grow like those sunflowers😁 did she say 12 feet? Even YAH is in that divine mathematic, Shalom from a Believer!

  19. It seems when we start to prosper, as long as we keep our mouths shut or "stay in our place", we are terrorized to stop talking, stop telling YAHS (Gods) truth!

  20. I love it when I revisit the messages and I hear you all praising Yah It does my heart good and this I need daily thanks, family.

  21. I was talking too somebody the only day about the end of the world he say it could be in 40 minutes and said it could be 40 years we just don’t know I remember y’all saying it could be 100 years because yah is out side of time 2000 years don’t mean nothing too him it’s like a second

  22. Do we repent and wait? Or do we repent and assist in moving the our people with Yah help ( those who want to move) forward?

  23. Right obedience is the key! Beautiful singing children ❤️ praise to TMH forever and always, thank you you FAMILY for lessons, I have learned more from you than from the church ❤️Blessings ❤️


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