Are we scaring the fish away? Revised Message 2015

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  1. Those who try to preach or teach the word of Yah without being led by the Ruach will experience what happened in Acts 19:15. …And the evil ruach answered and said, Yahusha I know, Shaul I know; but who are ye?.

  2. 25:02 there are those nonbelievers who have already heard the Scriptures or read them often out of context & made judgments & dismissed them immediately from then on. Those are the Gentiles who have too much pride & don't have ears to hear.

  3. When the feast of trumpets, feast of atonement, & feast of tabernacle arrives may yall do a live stream so we can all come together for these wonderful feast. With everything that is happening & about to come these feast days have become even more special for us to assemble together. Much love, Shabbat shalom!

  4. I noticed y'all saying Yehoshua or Yahoshua now instead of Yahusha. Why the change…something new revealed to y'all recently? Just wondering because I been trying to figure out the correct name for a long time.

  5. You where so right back then and your still right now!!! I have dealt with some camps now that have simply told me to shut up and I was only asking them questions. They where saying something about the Shabbat wasnt Friday evening to Saturday evening, so I simply asked what they considered the shabbat, but they told me to shut up and just listen, but they never answered the question.

  6. You are right on point! Those fools on the street corner really need to stop! I donโ€™t agree with that sort of preaching! They are only embarrassing themselves! You TEACH the masses not condemn them! Todayโ€™s church is a business!!

  7. If yall didn't see these entertainers celebrities etc deceased bodies dont believe it, if satan could he would even fool the Elite, I'm a babe but remember satan cant cast out satan a house divided against itself can not stand IN ALL OUR GETTING GET UNDERSTANDING SHALOM

  8. Bro Watchman & Sis Deboryah, I bet your friend gwill Never been be hunger!! Your son is point on, each one they turn against FATHER YAH, their blood is on the speaker. Hugs & Love! Shalom!

  9. HalleluYah… Yah revealed to me that wisdom is the teacher, knowledge is what you know from what wisdom has taught you, and understanding is you walking out what you know from what wisdom has taught you

  10. 17:09๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ WowWW!!! I thought ALLLLLL believers were supposed to go out and witness!! Thank you for this knowledge cause I was soooooo down on myself for not learning enough to go witness, see, I didn't learn FATHER is supposed to tell us who HE wants to go out and minister!!!! Thank You!!!!


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