Are we Working or Resting? Re-upload

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  1. I prayed today asking the most high his real name and that of the Son .ad the and off Sabbath hè leaded me to 1 off your video.s I did see al the names with Yah in it and I started to qeustion it .I also know Yah is in king james 1611 .wierd thing is I ask the most high but I already know his name was Yah .great video by the way yahowshuwa is are salvation . Good Sabbath

  2. I think everyone I watch today has been teaching about the end times in about Christ even we had class today Nation Kings and Priests I must say and we talked about the same thing all Praises brothers and sisters y'all doing a great job we all family

  3. Actually they were not created in the garden it was outside of it and Adam was placed in it first and then Eve . They were created with pieces of the earth including mountain, then he breathe life. Then Eve came they were placed in the garden not created in it.

  4. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists just released their "Doomsday Clock" and stated the time is currently at "11:58."

    What does the spiritual "Doomsday Clock" read, in your opinion?

  5. This is a re-upload. An old lesson from an old shabbat service. It is showing how the heart of the Most High people were hard and today things have not change. It is not about what day it is uploaded because you have kept the Shabbat, which is still thursday evening to friday evening if we are really following hebrew (numbers – enoch) calendar for 2018. The first day of abib is March 17th 2019. Learn from the lesson given. We have to grow beyond knowledge of the flesh and enter into the knowledge of the Spirit. This is what watchman is trying to get across to the Most High people. We have to come out of the spiritual/mental wilderness before we can physically enter into the promise of the Most High or we will have the same end. Those who will receive the promise are those who know the voice of the good shepherd and follow him. Shalum

  6. God will give you rest when you walk in him. Your mountains will be moved if you tarry and wait. What ever you ask God to help, Bless you with he will tell you to be still and let me go before you and make those crooked places straight. It's not our battle to fight. Amen! Be blessed in the Most High.


  8. I'm in Seattle and I don't feel in my spirit that there's a Hebrew Israelite Church in my community. I want to be baptized and can't find a place to go?

  9. Had to watch this three times…very effective facts and reasoning, this has made my prayers more powerful ….YA is so amazing


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