Are Yahusha and Yahuwah one and the same?

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The First Book of Adam and Eve….24:1-7

until shiloh com….Genesis 49:10

Emanuel…Matthew 1:23, Isaiah 7:14

born of thee shall be called the Son of God. Luke 1:35 (KJV)
Christ should be born ….Matt 2:4-6

Child is born…Isaiah 9:6
Thou madest him a little lower …Heb 2:5-9
I come: in the volume of the book…Psalms 40:6-8
a body hast thou prepared me…Heb 10:5-10

the word was yah John 1:1-3, 14

Philip have I been so long with you John 14:8-9

I and my father are one…John 10:30

fullness godhead…Colossians 2:9

the Almighty.
Rev 1:8 (KJV)
no savior besides me…Isaiah 45:21, Hosea 13:4, Isaiah 43:11

Before Abraham was, I am …John 8:58 (KJV)

Baptism in the name? Isaiah 63:1-6

Attributes…all powerful

God manifested in flesh…1 Timothy 3:16

Phil 2:10-11…every knee should bow
both Lord and Christ….Acts 2:36 (KJV)
God our Saviour ;…Titus 1:3 (KJV)

(Psalm 78:1–2)

(Matthew 13:34–35).

(Isaiah 6:9–10).

(Matthew 13:13–15).

Isaiah 8:14).

(1 Peter 2:7–8).

(Isaiah 35:5–6).

” (Matthew 11:2–6).

(Isaiah 40:3–4).

(John 1:23)

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Comment (36)

  1. Without the lost books. I could always see that the messiah and God are like one in the same. But still trying to get a good understanding of it.

  2. Isaiah 44:24 Yahuah your Redeemer, and he who formed you from the womb says, “I am Yahuah, who makes all things, who ALONE stretches out the heavens, who spreads out the earth by MYSELF”

  3. It's a shame to see these comments and to watch this video that is twisting of scripture there are many scripture that prove they are not the same. It's not mysterious or some mystic unknown thing yet they have created this off the wall teaching to prove how little the people actually read and it's sad. If you'd like to be shown scripture where they are dfferent even using theit own scripture contact me.

  4. The word of TMH was talking, and who is the word of TMH(the HaMashiach is “the word” of TMH) TMH uses many stumbling throughout scripture and many of us fall for it. I’m lost of words. SMH.

  5. So we call the son Yahusha? What do we call the Father? I’m so confused and wondering if I have been praying wrong all this time.

  6. Watchman Yahu and DeborYah.. I hope I spelled that right, but nevertheless this teaching and the truth of it is true and correct. No man told me this truth but Yahuah himself, so continue on and back down for no one, whether they hear or forbare. Amenah

  7. I do think you are all really underestimating the MOST HIGH POWER, as for instance he is OMNIPRESENT OMNISCIENCE not sure my spelling is right, but he can be everywhere at the same time he can be up in heaven sitting on his throne and be on earth in a man body at the same time it is the same spirit and if you study the scriptures you will find out that the most high also has a super natural body, the physical body that came to earth i would say was the son the second ADAM with the spirit that Adam have before the fall and succeed without sin, you cannot worship anything physical that is why you worship in the spirit as in dong so you are worshiping the MOST HIGH we are all one with him.

  8. At 1:29 I fell out laughing as it was explained, how our people would react to getting all that land, because it was so true!!!! As for me, with my old broke down self, I said: give it to me, it's always been my prayer to be a farmer! Anything I don't know… I will figure it out!

  9. What book of Adam and Eve ? The Messiah and God are not the same person, but two different persons ( 1Timothy 2 :5, Ephesians 1 :17, Acts 17 :31, 1Corinthians 8 :6, 1Corinthians 1 :3, 1Corinthians 11 : 3, John 20 :17, John 17 :3, Revelation 3 :12,21). The end times are full of false teachings .

  10. The scriptures clearly say that God(Yahuah) sent His son(the Messiah—the human son of God) to save mankind from sins(1John 4 :9,10,14, Matthew 3 :17, Matthew 17 :5). But the scriptures never said that God(Yahuah) shall become/became His own son or that God sent Himself . Besides, God(Yahuah) clearly said that He is not a man( Hosea 9 :11, Numbers 23 :19). But the Messiah (Yahusha) is a man ordained by God(Yahuah) ( 1Timothy 2 :5, Acts 17 :31, Acts 13 :38 , Acts 2 :22, 1Corinthians 15 :21, Luke 24 :39).

  11. The Father(Yahuah) Himself ,which hath sent me(Yahusha) , hath borne witness of me (John 5 :37, 1John 4 :14). The Father (Yahuah) truly borne witness that He(Yahuah) is the one that sent the Messiah(Yahusha)(Matthew 3 :17, Matthew 17 :5). So, the One that sent and the one that is being sent are not the same person ! Yahuah and Yahusha are not same person. Yahuah (the Father) is greater that Yahusha(the son—the Messiah)(John14 :28, John 10 :29)

  12. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God(Yahuah): because many false prophets are gone out into the world(1John 4 :1).

  13. There is God(Yahuah ) and there is the Messiah(Yahusha). For there is one God(Yahuah) , and one mediator between God(Yahuah) and men , THE MAN CHRIST JESUS (YAHUSHA)(1Timothy 2 :5). Language has meaning and words mean something !

  14. Thank you for this clarity. I've been hearing of late that we believers are in idolatry when we worship Yahushua. And that there are two yeshua's. One who is humble and only does what he hears his Father do and the other who wishes to be exalted above the Most High. I have searched the scriptures for myself and see perhaps how a person could get that interpretation looking at the KJV. But reading from the Cepher Yahushua is Yahuah in the flesh. But I still am searching for an answer regarding worship. In book of Revelations/Chizayon ch 5 the 24 elders , the angels and all of heaven falls down and worship the lamb, and other scriptures say he is seated at the right hand of the Father. I remember Watchman you were giving a lesson about the worship of Messiah and that he did not correct a person he ministered to from worshiping him unlike the angels who always give correction when any man tried to worship them. Yet the fact Yashua is at the right hand of the Father means two separate beings. In my own devotion I worship both Father and Messiah. Please don't think this is a dumb question but; is there error in worshiping this way???

  15. 3 Again said God unto Adam, "All this misery that thou hast been made to take upon thee because of thy transgression, will not free thee from the hand of Satan, and will not save thee.

    4 "But I will. When I shall come down from heaven, and shall become flesh of thy seed, and take upon Me the infirmity from which thou sufferest, then the darkness that came upon thee in this cave shall come upon Me in the grave, when I am in the flesh of thy seed.

    5 "And I, who am without years, shall be subject to the reckoning of years, of times, of months, and of days, and I shall be reckoned as one of the sons of men, in order to save thee."

    6 And God ceased to commune with Adam.

  16. Shalom. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for accepting the call of being a vessel that carries the True Word of Yah. I have wrestled with this same question for a while. Praise Yah that He knows my quietest whisper, for He delivered clear understanding through you. To Yah be the Glory that I speak health , prosperity, and life unto you as thanks!!

  17. This lesson was so edifying And enjoyable !! I pray everyone who is dying the son repent … it’s crazy how
    Much of that I been hearing people just throwing the whole entire NT out the window!!!

  18. Father Yah explained to me back in the 70's who He really is when I asked Him. That He is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, that He is One. Father Yah/God is AWESOME!!!❤

  19. I thank Father Yah for you both for teaching me the Hebrew names of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit. Keep up the great work for Yah's Kingdom!!!❤

  20. It is sad that these false prophets are leading our people astray. I have asked these same people to Isaiah and even Genesis. You see Yahushua in the fiery furnace.

  21. Watchman, I appreciate your videos but I have to say that I believe that the Father and Son are two separate individuals who are one in purpose. I was reminded of 1 John 4 v 2 This is how you can recognize Yahuah’s Spirit: Every person who declares that Yahusha Ha Mashiach has come as a human has the Spirit that is from Yahuah. 3 But every person who doesn’t declare that Yahusha Ha Mashiach has come as a human has a spirit that isn’t from Yah. This is the spirit of the antichrist that you have heard is coming. If we deny the Son in his own right, then we deny the Father. Yahusha is seated at the right hand of His Father. Yahusha was exalted above all principalities and powers. Who exalted Him? If Yahuah dies, we all die. He is the source of ALL LIFE. Blood is for earth dwellers because our life is in the blood.

    When we are born again, Yah's Spirit is our life, not blood. Yah is the Eternal Spirit and He is not His creation, see Romans 1 v 25 These people have exchanged Yah’s truth for a lie. So they have become ungodly and serve what is created rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Yahuah is the self existing One, and John 5:26 says. For just as the Father has life in Himself, even so He gave to the Son also to have life in Himself. Yahusha lives because of the Father as he said in John 6 v 57 The Father who has life sent me, and I live because of the Father. So those who feed on me will live because of me.

    We are heirs with Yahusha not Yahuah. The parable in John 15 is very revealing. Its about the vinedresser and the vine and in verse 1 it says "Then Yeshua said, “I am the true vine, and my Father takes care of the vineyard". Note that the Father is not the vine but the vinedresser, and all the believers are part of the vine who is Yahusha. We are of the same substance as the vine. Yahusha says we are the branches, and the Vinedresser who is the Father does the pruning. There is a lot to that parable and I think the revelation of the nature and relationship of the Father and Son is often overlooked. Yahusha is clearly stating that he is not His Father, and so therefor not The Almighty Yahuah.

    I hope that you can look into this again. Yahuah bless you all. Shalom.

  22. I needed to see this video and read along with you. I want to Thank you for the mind blowing headache you gave me with love of course. It opened up to me when I read along with you. Thank You!


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