Are you Awake or Sleep? Alive or dead?

Are you Awake or Sleep? Alive or dead?
Woke to the truth!

Isaiah 29:10…Israel in deep sleep

Romans 11:8-10

Sleep characteristics: lack of hearing, seeing, lack of discernment, all senses are asleep.

It’s impossible to talk to a sleep or dead person
Romans 13:11…And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

The ten virgins
The transfiguration…Luke 9:28-36
Matthew 8:22…Dead bury the dead
Spiritually dead….lack understanding
Eat my flesh and drink my blood……John 6:52, John 6:60-61
Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned…..1 Corinthians 2:13-16
Foreshadows and Types in the scripture
Hebrews 8:4-5, Hebrews 10:1
Flat land vs 3D perspective
Every believer is like Samson, David, Daniel,
All the attributes of these are put them in you when you receive the Ruach
1 Cor 15:34…Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.

Are you truly awoke? Or are you still sleeping?

Eph 5:14-17 (KJV)…Awake thou that sleepest…….. understanding what the will of Yahuah is.

Babies sleep all the day long!
Hearing the Spirit, Walking in the Spirit, Understanding spiritual things and Yah’s will

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  1. Great message love watching and learning the word and understanding the Heavenly Father Yahweh … Love you guys every time I watch and I see the joy and blessings just through the smiles on you guys faces …Get me pump up for the Most High … Thanks

  2. …my question is about salvation,…I read some reading in…. Israelite Heritage,..Obadiyah Ben Ysrael speaking,..that those of us that came out the Christian doctrine about being saved,,,we are not,..and so does Tony Smith say the same thing,…they say that " he who does keep all of Yahs law and endures to the of their life,…then that person would be saved,…..also Obadiyah says that no one is saved,….is this true,…please let me know,…..I'd appreciate it if you…Brother Yaho would answer this……

  3. every since I started searching the truth I got like three sleep paralysis and I do think that is a succubus demon because I've dreamed her I was fighting her away in my dream I also dreamt about UFOs surrounding the sky and in the middle was a normal ufo and surrounding it were like ufo that looked like gold wings but I felt peace after I dreamed the UFos anyways thanks for the lesson Yah bless.

  4. Excellent video and wonderful teachings. Praises to The Most High because without you I wouldn't have the understanding and clarity of His Word. Shalom and HalleluYah.

  5. Paul says sister Deborah shouldn't be teaching but ask questions of her husband when she wants to know something about the Most High

  6. my Yah! Pray for me brothers n sisters as i pray for myself and pray for you. Hashatan looks to cut me off through smoking marajauna and cigarettes. Im fighting a winning battle through the truth of Yah although its not easy. shalam

  7. When you were talking about the 10 virgins and the 5 wise were sleep too, are you saying begin asleep may happen because we are fleshy people?

  8. It's very confusing when some Hebrews teach that the name Yahweh or YHWH is the name for Satan, and that the Tetragrammaton represents Satan whilst others are equally convinced that Yahweh and the tetragrammaton is The Most High. It is said that ancient Hebrew had no "O", "U", or "Oo" vowel like sounds in them, only "A" or "Ah" vowel-like sounds. This is a rather serious divide for anyone seeking the truth. Especially when The Most High's name is to be sealed in one's forehead as an actual identifier of those who belong to him. But not only this, for there is POWER in his name and in calling upon his name.

  9. thank you for your teachings i have learned so much from you and your family i still have a lot of work to do on my self but you all really help

  10. about the camps coming together, Yah will deal with that. You are so right about that, great lesson family. Shalom

  11. Great Word! That's what I love about y'all…you don't get caught up in the drama of all the different Camps. Y'all just stay focused on the task that the Most High has set you on & ignore the foolishness. Keep up the good work/fight my Brother & Sister! 🙂

  12. @ Judah descendant……. I knew someone would say that,.. and that is not true,…we were told not to marry another with a different belief,…not another race…..I'm hearing to many version of Yahs Word by some of the Hebrew Israelite groups,…. it's like the same thing in Christianity… with all the false denominations…. too many chiefs and no Indians……

  13. I asked a question about are we really saved,… as we were taught in Christianity,…. but it seems no one can answer me this….but everything that I asked pertaining to race…..every one put their 2 cents in……how sad….

  14. All Praises The Most High Yah for allowing me to watch this great video and receive this personal message & answers to a couple major questions ive been asking myself and Yah for help with (feels good to know that HE hears me) I usually watch your videos there always very informational, but its been a good 2 weeks or so since I have and something told me to watch this one I think it was Yah telling me there was an important message for me, I actually had a sleep paralysis experience (ive had quite a few experiences before, i just didn't know what to back then) and this latest one was about 1-2 wks ago, just moved into a new apartment and I was falling asleep and that's when I felt stuck, couldn't move and felt a presence (I didn't see anything) but I couldn't cry out  couldn't move and this has happened before mind you, but this time I thought of our savior and JUST THE THOUGHT OF YOHUSHUA gave me control back to my right arm and I reached out and grabbed my bible (the first bible ive ever bought in my life maybe a wk prior to this incident) and not really sure where the thoughts came from but I rebuked the demon in YOHUSHUA'S name and I kept rebuking him and telling it to leave (always thought these "experiences were a bad dream or something) but it felt like a minute or and the feeling of being "stuck just left, I felt no presence in the room, no longer felt like anything was watching me and I went to sleep peacefully shortly there after. AMAZING FEELING knowing that his word is in me for the first time and I know that bc of this great vid you guys put out today, I was never really fully convinced it was an entity, not even after rebuking it successfully, but when you touched on it in this video I KNEW what I did and I knew this video was meant for me to watch, bc Yah told me to watch it, a voice that is similar to when u talk to urself in ur mind said to just watch it.also another point that hit home was I have been questioning if I had the "spirit or ruac" and I feel you have answered that personal question for me as well ALL PRAISES im reading into it the right way,  ive done a lot to deny the flesh, working on Sabbath, pre marital sex and really  seeking the truth and the word and trying to build a strng relationship and when you spoke about the battle with ourselves and mentioned that you "wont be able to live in sinful ways if your in the spirit, I felt that was my answer, is it a constant battle yes..but I find myself fighting and so far successfully turning away from sin like some of the ones I mentioned before, so my point is, I have been wondering f I had the spirit or the ruac in me and after watching this vid I feel like YAH has answered my question thru your great video…im humble and will not get ahead of myself but I just thought id share the feeling ive received from you brother and sister…All Praises The Most High Yah  and many thanks and blessings out to you and your family …may you continue to put out great knowledge and understanding…you've been a great help to me in particular THANKS AGAIN! SHALOM

  15. i want to start reading my bible…. so i want to know what book or which one of the bibles i should get…..thank you

  16. Great teaching! I was wondering what kind of Bible are you using and where can I get one? Thank you for your answer. May the Most High continue to bless you guys!!

  17. Question brother I'm very new to this knowledge can I suggest you do a video for not just new believers but those who have went away from the Christian church in search for truth do you have any books that may help me along my way I'm really seeking knowledge and truth Shalom brother

  18. Shalom Family, Thank you for the Bread Sister Deborah and Watchman Yahu ever so grateful. Keep on teaching ….keep on reaching!

  19. Yes! I was at work 1 time and I heard a voice and it shocked the mess out of me because it was so clear even with noise all around me. I've heard him speak right before I wake up at times too. I normally have been caught off guard but now I'm feeling like I may be ready the next time I hear something.


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