Are You Eating BIeach?

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  1. I Stop Eating That kind of 🍞, I Eat Ezekiel 4-9 Bread 🍞 its Made with Wheat, barley, lentils, millet, spelt, its Expensive $6-7 but Toasred with "Melt" which is Organic , coconut oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, palm fruit,( Vegan ) it Delious

  2. What do think about, burdock,red clover blossom,pau'darco, yerba Mate,shiitake mushroom, Aged Garlic Herbs for overall good health.

  3. Blacks need to reading more yes you are eating bleach it’s called a bleach tablet to bleach 🌾 Wheat From brown to white. !!!!

  4. All praises to the most high god and his son Jesus Christ. I have a question brother is it lawful to eat chicken just seen a video on that. Thanks. Shalom

  5. Plain and simple, these "beings"
    are the epitome of Ecclesiasticus
    12:10 KJVA. We just do not under-
    stand how much Abba Father
    meant this scripture, to be taken
    seriously. Wow, just plain evil!!!!!!!

  6. White bread, rice, noodles, flour, sugar, etc. A lot of food is bleached. In California, every were I go there are prop 65 warning signs that say products used here cause cancer and reproductive harm. EVERY WERE.

  7. I'll love to get that bread, but I'm living in T'dad. W.I. and I haven't seen that bread selling here, if it does I don't no where.

  8. Man that was powerful. You just TKO'ed me my brother. I've checked out a few of the videos you have done so far and you keep amazing me. Glory to Yah. Now I can really learn how to eat and live right. I pray Yah keep blessing you so you can keep blessing his people. Shalom my brother and thank you. Word!!!

  9. Im Reading the Comments and there's Always Some Caucasian trying to through Shade, or trying to out Shine, who Ask what Color your body is, Its Good For All STOP ✋ IT


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