Are you growing from faith to faith of faith to doubt?

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  1. Hello family. I was wondering could you give a new lesson on studying and what to study for the newly awakened. What book or books specifically. What is your go to for true word. Thank you.

  2. I wish the husband had is own channel. There is a ton of men who want to hear just Elder watchmen yahu speak. Really hope He makes his side channel for Just himself speaking. That would be really cool

  3. Shalom shalom the precious holy peoples of the almighty lord of henock Noah Abraham issac yacouba moses David Eli the elected the masiakh be blessed richly or you find yourself in the four corners of the world scattered for 400 years that the blessing lives with you O precious peoples

  4. Does anybody know the scripture(s) about the Israelites blood not being pure again until the 3rd and 4th generation I know Deuteronomy 23:8 is one of them, just wondering if there was anymore Shalom.

  5. This is exactly what I needed today, thank you both. Praise to be Yah and may His loving and mighty hand always continue to cover your ministry and household, according to His perfect will. HalleluYah!

  6. Yahshua our saviour is my faith and we also just like him will be tempted with the tricks doubt of the devil ! Only he's perfect and I'm not ! So faith in every thing is in him only Blessings to all in YHWH Heavenly Father Creator and Yahshua our saviour !

  7. In The KJV "Holy" Bible, Is King David's Real Name David?😏

    Was John's Name Really John?

    Was Luke's Name Really Luke?

    Was Mark's Name Really Mark?

    Was Matthew's Name Really Matthew?

    Was Jesus's Name Really Jesus?🤔

    IF Not, Then Is It A Lie?😌

    So Now, What's "Holy" About That, IF It's Using Falsely Given European Names?🤗

    Food For Thought😎

  8. & Just How Do We Know😏

    That "They'll" Give Us Blacks/Nubians, The Same Vaccine Shot That "They're" Going To Give Whites/Caucasians?🤔

    Guess You'll Just Have To Use Blind Faith, And Trust Them Huh?😌

    Tuskegee Experiment, Says They'll Give Us Nubians Something Different🤨 Judging From "Their" Past Actions, I'd Say🤗

    Food For Thought😎

  9. Pay attention. In the name of YAH! Thank you! This to will past. I'm more than a conquer. Yes! Praise the Mighty Yah in the name of Yahshua.

  10. Thank you Brother & Sister, Great Video. Shalom Believers in YHWH, We are organizing an event on the 1st Jan 2021. Believers from all over the world are coming together giving an offering of song, prayer and reading His Word. It is a 24 hour event of praise and worship as we know time is very short and at hand and it is important His people come together for this event. No cost and no funds are asked for. You can join for any amount of time. The event will be on zoom. Here is a little advert for the event. – Please join today.
    you, Matt

  11. He was only an example & never wanted to be praised… In truth he was an artist… He didn't care he just wanted to build… He only took on responsibilities that were givin to him by the people who clong to him cause he wanted to teach them about themselves & what they were capable of… His story & teachings was broken apart into every religion & used for control of the people… You think he cared about being king or praised… No… He was just tired of you assholes throwing your responsibilities on him & he wanted some peace… Give a man a meal & he'll keep coming back asking you to make it… teach the man how to make it & he'll never have to come back again… But as usual if its shiney you idiots want it… You think he wants to walk back into this idiotic world where you kill threaten betray rape steal lie manipulate … What if he came back & you never noticed because of your constant prosecution because "no one man should have all that power" "he's different"… If I was him I'd say "screw you guys… Im not helping with anything… I dont care about teaching you how to work with wats in your face… Im not buildin nothin… Im not saving anybody… Why would I want to be killed again tryna save people who really never cared bout me just what they feel I can do for them" human beings have grown greedy & selfish even more so than the past… But hey… Welcome to the rapture

  12. “…and I can actually look at your actions and I can tell….”
    …you guys are still unhealthy fat.

    All this talk about fasting and still not fit.
    Emotional eaters who talk the talk but are not able to respect their own bodies smh
    Believed > Belie ved-> belly fat.
    A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body.
    Stop halleluja’ing, do some push-ups and pull-ups and stop frying chicken.

  13. Shalom my bless people love y’all guys keep dropping those gems 💎 and my family will keep listening shalom.

  14. You say you cant go from Faith to doubt but what about "Prophet" Elijah he went from Faith to Doubt when he went to hide in the cave after killing Jezebel's False Prophets… and that's after he called fire to come down from the sky! Prophet Elijah had a "evil heart of unbelief?"… Then was raptured right?


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