Are you Hindering or Freeing the Holy Spirit?

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  1. Greetings from Nairobi in Kenya in East Africa.
    How can I support this important Ministry. I have recently had my prayers answered and been paid some cash from a Law suit against my former employer.
    I would to give First fruits of the cash as support to your good work.
    My name is Charles Mathenge.
    Kindly advise and let me know how to forward the payment from my bank in Kenya.

  2. Peace. I'm off topic but I wanted to ask about something you and wife spoke about years ago. You had to flee from an area you lived in because wicked neighbors were harrassing you because of the word? Were they stalking you as part of the bullying? Were they doing it as a group?

  3. Hey guys haven't been subscribed in over 2 years. Interesting the testament of Solomon says the worshipping of what was considered pagan is going to be practice of righteousness. Deborah yah your husband's ability to heal from the Carol Tuttle healing center relies on a person watching videos with him because of his subconscious social energy. Watch the free YouTube video by Carol Tuttle called type 1 myths with him. Type 4 myths applies to you. A 1/2 needs to have a few memorials of their childhood selves. If Deborah yah is a 4/2 instead of the other 2 secondaries she could have a tendency to stir up anxiety to tweak. I'm guided to only see what you guys are doing every now and then. I think God only wants us to pray as if we have already received things sort of like you said years ago pray after dinner unless we are too caught up in any sugar and the energy of the fifties that childhood healing is unneeded. My go to prayer is thank you God for lessons of affluence ease and joy. Checking in on you guys later. I am a 4/1. Other 4s can get jealous of me because my secondary type 1 sees possibilities as a blessing of my style from God as opposed to another level or excessive thinking which blocks us from what we want.

  4. Great Stuff.
    I've acted like I had no idea y I was going through some of things that I've gone through.. But in actuality, I know exactly what's holding me back. I've probably delayed or missed out on alot of blessing that God wanted to give me but it's like I put God on hold or something. Like I'll get back to you on that…

  5. Thank you for this message. Everything I have received or accomplish was due to the power of TMH! I know I have things to work on and I need him to help me through them. I praise you TMH and thank you for everything you do for me and others.

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