Are you in Fellowship with Demons?

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Comment (22)

  1. I had to leave early today, so I just had to take them time to THANK YOU Watchman Yahu, Sister Deborah Yah and Moderators for this well needed, important lesson. May YAHUAH deliver us from evil.

  2. This is a good lesson from Yah, I remember in the early 2001. I knew this Hispanic women I worked with, I didn't like her she was new to the company,at first I wasnt sure why, it was just somthing about her. I would just ignore her, so one day she heard me talking about this ecommers business, and invited hér self in my office, she asked about the ecommers business, so I explained to her how it worked, so she said she will try it out. That is how we became so called friends, so a few weeks go by she started to give me thing's, so I would take them and put them in my apt, then I started to have a lot of problems and at that time I had this guy I was seeing, he was living with me. I started to have Bad dreams very scary ones, in my dream I seen a evil spirit he looked like the devil him self. He was after me, well my wireless home phone fall out of the hands of the guy I was dating he was walking into my bedroom. He said I jumped out of my bed fighting and swing at him. The bedroom was big so he ran to the other side of the room and hollered my name, then I stopped and looked at him, then got back in the bed then went back to sleep. I remembered some of that. Anyway, he was so freaked out. Oh and one of the things she gave me was a dream catcher she made. Plus some other stuff she gave me, There was so much that happened in the short time I had all that stuff. I was at her house one day and she was making bracelets with her friends little girl. She tried to give me one right after she rubbed it and was saying something, I don't know what she said. I told her no thank you, that's when I got Rid of everything she gave me. I said to myself I don't know how we became friends I really didn't like her. Well once I seen that I understood what happened. I have been sooooo careful now. Now I know Yah I am comforted in his word I thank him that it didn't get worse than that.halelluYah🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🤗 I now know that it was the hole spirit that was warning me to Watch Out!!

  3. Shabat Shalawan, this a great teaching and edification with utterance, this is truly spiritual warfare Babylon the great, wicked spirits also appears in our dreams to cause you to sin in our dreams and you have to reject, rebuke, and cancel the dream, all Praises To The Most High. Micah 5:9-12, James 4:7, Luke 10:19.

  4. Shabbat Shalom Family! A Great Teaching Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah and to ABBA Yah Be All The GLORY!!! Yes evil spirits and demons are very real.

  5. My Husband and I watch your service every Shabbat and also your videos on Bet Channel, we watched all your white outed Videos and your family is such a blessing to us and we wanted to let you know that we appreciate Watchman and you. Continue inue your blessed and good works. APTTM-YAH 🙏📖🙂 Shalom!

  6. What a righteous lesson! Thank you so much Brother Yahu and Sister Deborah for your continual teachings of YAH’s word. May Yahuah continue to bless you and your family🙏🏾💐

  7. What about those relatives and friends who are not married living as husband and wife or gossiping and baring false witness against their friends and family, or what about those we have around us that do not praise The Most High or edify the Spirit. If we are in judgement of those who do not edify us, we must include all. And only YAH knows the hearts of the repented, looks are of the flesh and can be deceiving, our actions shows the kind of fruits we produce. The best dressed or modest dressed person, could be the biggest and most deceptive demonic Spirit and will and has fooled many, simply because we are looking in the flesh or worldly man-made opinions and not the actions. Action has always spoke louder than words. HalleluYah!

  8. You two are telling the truth I enjoy watching and studying with you I have come out the building I’m learning more from you all and I’m telling others about your on line ministry so they can come out praise yah

  9. MHNMB Is there a way to holler at you at some point? So i might ask you something on this thing? I don't really wanna talk about it here, but is there a email or something i might send? 1:14:00 Wait a 2nd is that why when i have been sleeping before i am woke up by sounds of doors slamming shut? even though the house is locked & its not physical doors. It use to happen to me alot when i was younger constantly hear doors opening but mostly woke up by them shutting..


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