Are you obeying the voice of Yah or someone else Beware

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Comment (20)

  1. I used to really enjoy singing with the choir and that's something about Christianity I miss and singing with the choir

  2. PRIDE IS OUR BIGGEST DOWNFALL! It breeds both JEALOUSY and HATRED of INNOCENT Brethren. Extreme cases…MVRDER. Casting Spells on INNOCENT ISRAELITES because they think it is HIDDEN when it is NOT.
    The Blood of Yahusha please cover the INNOCENT Sheep 🥺

  3. I am looking for fellowship or congregation in D.C area. What do you think of ISUPK? Peace and blessings

  4. It’s so many good points to comment on in this video but going to the food. I heard there is pork used in manufacturing sugar and many cheeses that people eat too. Especially provolone. I really appreciate you two.

  5. A Great Lesson. Seek The Most High in all your ways and He shall direct your path, Halleluyah All Praises Unto The Most High!!!❤

  6. I truly believe that Father Yah is trying to get us back to basic with eating the right kinds of food. Eating the right kinds of foods is definitely medicine to our bodies!

  7. Some of Hebrew israelites stop reading the Bible, because it's been tampered with! I know one friend that goes to a camp, and they don't use the Bible anymore.


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