Are you one of the Elect? – Predestination 6

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  1. Oh Brother and Sister I really enjoyed fellowship with you this morning. This is my first time I have seen your program on Youtube. And I have tell you, I am falling in holy love with the both of you as my sister and brother in the love of YAH, The Most High God. I receive the truth that you are bringing forth by God our Father and look forward to fellowshipping with you again and again. God Bless You! I Love you with a Holy Love as my Brother and Sister in YAH ❤❤❤

  2. , Brooke McGee, do swear on this day before God, that I have been given the task to direct this message to His people. What I say is true, by the God of our forefathers, offering my life as bounty and
    sacrifice to uphold the Word of God.

    This is what the Sacred and True God says through me, Daughter of Israel, one bought through trial and tribulation and garnished by fire, one who speaks now only in glory of Jesus Christ, our soon-to-be reigning King, who will rule forever and ever and ever, amen.

    The Western Wall will crumble and fall. Just as in the days of Jericho, your stones will fall down in a heap of ruins. Not one stone will lie in its original position.

    For a time, times and half a time, I allowed you to practice free will, but now is the time when I will string you along like puppets. You will fulfill my words just as it was originally written. You have and will be filled with my Holy Spirit to carry on just as I have commanded. I am the Alpha, Omega, the beginning and the end, the One who brings about justice.

    You have plastered my wall with meaningless prayers. You rely on papyrus like a god made from trees to lift your words to me in my lofty place. Do you truly not know what your knees are for? Kneel unto me. Pray unto me. Seek me.

    You decorate your houses with new plaster and finery. Do you not know that the day is coming when I will crush your very foundation stone with a brush of my hand? I will rip through your belly with my bill hook, like a plow to the land in preparation for a new season of grapes. Your plastered houses and your paper prayers will come tumbling down, as I am God, this will occur.

    For there are false prophets who hide behind your paper wall. You have been stupid enough to believe them when they tell you “Peace! We will have peace here!” Foolish boy, be no longer lazy, hear my words:

    “Get out of her, my people, for I am sending you into exile so as to save your very life. Get out of her, my people, so you do not share with her in her sins. Get out of the strip and the valley. Get out of my holy city and flee from this land for the time being.

    I have given you instruction through my prophet Ezekiel, so that those among you who have been made white by the blood of the Lamb will be saved by the grace of God in your wisdom. Get out of her my people! Do not go to your home to pray or gather supplies. For the reward you get now is your very life. I have always provided you with everything you need, as I am a gracious God. (Let the reader use discernment!)

    This is where endurance and faith from my anointed people will be put to the test. For a time, times and half a time you will be caught beneath her feet. Do not lose hope! For I am sending my archangel Michael to deliver you from the land, so that from here on you may have comfort knowing your God is with you in your exile.

    But I will gather back my people after the final day of reckoning. Two woes have past, and one is remaining. Woe to those in the entire inhabited earth, for the angel from the north shall loose his wind. A third woe is coming, and if not for my great mercy on behalf of my chosen people, both Gentiles and Jews, no one would remain.

    And in those days, no soldier will be required to stand in armor, and no bow will need to be bent. The storehouse of arrows and shields will be no longer. My cup of wrath will be poured out, and no evil man will remain standing. I will crush you in the head, while you only pierced my heel.

    So my words to my people will be.

  3. seek ye frist the kingdom of yah and his righteouness and all these things shall be added unto you

  4. this sister wanted me to marry her son and he said he would marry me and the mogt high came to me in adream and told me he is not the one l am so glad i listen because same things came out about him the most high warns us about people we just do not listen them we cry out to yah for help

  5. Thank you so much for this message. It helps me a lot with what I'm going through right now. YAH bless your family and always keep you safe.

  6. I have a question. I married a white women before I came into the knowledge of the truth, now that I know, should I divorce her? She really doesn’t care to learn about Yah or my faith. Should I divorce her?

  7. The Race is not giving to the Swift Neither to the strong but to those to endure to the end ..🙌🏾

  8. Uncle watchman Sir I learn a gulf of things from you and watch all 4 W/O and have the most up respect for you… I gotta suggest this scripture Psalms ch 87 it's about : His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M) Haile Selassie 1 King of King's Lord of Lords Conquering Lion of Judah God's Elect Emperor of Ethiopia……
    The name the heathens FEARED

  9. I remember when Father YAH chastised me and I remember saying but, my friends did this or that. Why did they get away with it but, I got in so much trouble. He dropped in my spirit. YOU ARE MY CHILD! U KNEW BETTER U KNEW MY WORD! U KNOW ME! THEY DONT KNOW ME LIKE YOU KNOW ME. All I could do is cry he was right. I did know better and I do know his word. All I could do is cry for weeks and ask for forgiveness. Repent and turn away from my wicked ways.

  10. Thank you Elders for sharing the Truth! 🙌🏾 YAH put it on my heart to say, Instead of rejecting the compliments and praise, redirect the praise to YAH because all things good are of and from Him, and He is worthy of all praise.” 🙌🏾 Halleluyah!

  11. I think at some point we all had to face this , do we chose the father and he’s ways or do we let our family become a stumbling block. My husband is neutral so he doesn’t bother me, serving Yah but he is not serving him like he should. I had to pray and ask the father if he not elected then put the spirit on him to leave me alone. APTMH.

  12. Zechariah 13:9 – And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God. All praises due to The Most High. I Thank you for a moving lesson.

  13. The great deception and false messiah will call himself Jesus. This is how we know it is not the TRUE MEssiah

  14. Actually he stated it was because they hark and spit on him was his reason for crying I don’t believe he should have been crying and he stated he has a white daddy I’m with you if he was going to cry he should have stay off the camera

  15. We must understand to…the covenant was made with us. So we get chastised on spot. We see that throughout scripture.

  16. And we must definitely have wisdom and understanding. Scriptures are for our learning and example.

  17. You and your wife are a Baruch to the children of Yahshar’el. These lessons are amazing, along with the break downs. Glory be to YAH forever and ever!!

  18. Hi Deborah Yah..I just enjoy the fellowship that you and your husband bring to me. I'm in Harrison Twp., MI but I wish I was your neighbor because I would just love to read the bible with you all and learn and grow in YAH's word. I'm lonely in my walk even though I was born and raised in the Faith of YAHVAH…HalleluYAH. My father and mother and siblings don't stick to the full law of Yah and I want to learn the proper way to worship and fellowship. My husband and I want to meet more of Israel but I guess Yah hasn't moved us in a different direction yet. Please call me 586-255-0338 directly anytime to talk about truth. I just want to connect with more of Yah's elect. Be blessed. Love you both, your sister in truth Rakhel.

  19. FYI – Depending upon which Rockerfeller you are referring to, the latest one David, (the 3rd grandson) died in 2017, and he lived to be old because he had multiple heart surgeries with hearts of menanated people…he hated them but coveted their body parts…6 heart transplants! We are being punished now cause when the world gets judged we will be blameless, because we would have already had our punishment…these things are written within multiple scriptures not only in the book of the "bible"…Also in terms of people's personal experiences, views, ideas, feelings, etc., it's THEIR OWN, and the way they express it is also THEIR OWN. We are all individuals within the nation of Yisreal, and just like everyone else, the view of the individual should not be ridiculed because we all have different experiences in life, and they should be what they are, their experiences, and they don't have to be liked or loved, but they should be respected…

  20. AWESOME lesson I have followed and learned so much from u two beautiful souls through the years thank Yah for u and may he continue to bless and cover u and your family love u guys

  21. When has marching and protesting gotten us anywhere? I grew up in the 60s and 70s, and we're STILL dealing with the same issues. Dude is a millennial. They were raised to believe everybody is on the same level, everybody gets a 🏆. He got a wake-up call.

  22. I want to say something nice to you both but I dont know if you guys would expect my comments about you. Well the most high God is using the both of you to wake up his people. Anyway we that you. Terry from Los Angeles's California

  23. thanks a lot for the word of Yah, in Yahusha ha'Mashiach name.. its really a blessing… HalleluYah

  24. 🌿🕎🌿May the will of The Most High be done in the earth RIGHT NOW. In the name of my Heavenly Father, AhaYah. ALL praises to The Most High – God of Israel to whom ALL praises are due. Sobeit🌿🕎🌿

  25. For the Most High, to love like he does, knowing how we would turn up is amazing to me. I couldn’t keep a straight face if I knew my kids were gonna come against me. I know according to the word, it will be a time our kids come against us. But to know for sure they will, blows my mind!

  26. I just came into this realisation listening. If there was not predestination there would not be prophecy. Scripture is prophecy that has came that is here and that is to come. Yet it is already scripted from begining to end. Hallelujah!


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