Are you preparing for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb or the wilderness?

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Comment (33)

  1. hi may you give some understanding of where the wilderness is? is it a specific location or is it a place where god will lead you?

  2. Jw maybe you can debunk that link I sent to you, it talks about how YAHWEH isn't the most highs name or that it's in the Hebrew Text….

    All I know is I'll just call him I AM if that's what he told Moses… I really don't want to offend him

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your divorce as well you two are very powerful couple have you reached and touched so many lives and I pray that you continue to do that blessings to you and your family and prayers. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. We are being punked because this is not the Shabbat, this is the third day or some would say Tuesday and they said Shabbat Shalom! Very interesting.

  5. Hey Watchmen and Deb.. I know you came out of the penocostal church . I myself went for years .. I never did speak in tongues though .. My question is Can someone still be saved without speaking in tongues ? Have you ? I have had a lot of supernatural HolySpirt encounters at least I use to . PLEASE READ WATCHMAN

  6. Something you said doc, he is reaping and has been reaping and gathering , and then the end gathering is off a little ways off – four watches of the night.

  7. Shalom, thanks for this lesson. So much truth. I needed this . Thank you Yah!! Pray much for me. I mind is always thinking of Yah ways but my flesh is weak. It's like tugging war. I know I got to choice this day who iam going to serve. I choice Yahweh. So again pray much for me. Take care.

  8. This sounds a lot like the Christian rapture teachings. I’ll have to really study this for myself because I never read of many comings of the MASHIACH. I’ll study to show myself approved.

  9. We are watching you from The Netherlands Amsterdam, my Mother Mary and I. May Yah Bless Sister Deborah and Family.

  10. I have questions regarding how the marriage supper connects with other events, what about Revelation 20, doesn't the millennium reign Happen here on Earth? And those who go to wilderness are considered "unrighteous"?

  11. What about the 144,000 Jewish or Hebrew Witnesses in Revelation? Are they the decedents of the ancient Israelites or the Jewish converts today?

  12. A Great Teaching Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah! I am preparing myself daily with the help of The Holy Spirit for The Marriage Supper! This is my first Goal, but I will also prepare myself for the wilderness. I truly was encouraged by you both, All Praises Unto The Most High!!!🤗❤❤

  13. Wait I'm confused, so is the rapture true, will people disappear before Yahushua comes back? In another video about the 2/3rds your guys said Yahushua is coming back for his wrath on Edom and having mercy for his people, but now your saying there will be a remnant of his people that will enter into heaven for the supper?


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