Are you presenting your body as a living sacrifice unto wickedness or Righteousness?

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Comment (21)

  1. Thank You so much Brothers and sisters for this word Today. So helpful. You'll are great teachers. I Thank "YAH" for leading Me to You'll. I'm so grateful. Shalom Family. 🌿🍃🌱

  2. Shalom Family, A Great Teaching Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah. All Praises Unto The Most High, Halleluyah!!!❤

  3. Jerusalem is called CITY OF ELOHIM. Babylon is called CITY OF SATAN, by some Bible experts. I wished I would have realized it BEFORE today. I knew it seemed it, but now I know why.
    AbbaYah please deliver us in Yahushua Hamashiac Name!!

  4. This video literally hit every issue I seem to have right on the nail. And, came out just on time YAH is amazing! For some reason, the Mental battle and the fight with self seems to be the worst fight. Cause this enemy is literally apart of you physically. And I'm referring to the flesh and it's desires. And negatives thoughts such as thing called the sprit of "Self loathing".

  5. This lesson just made me realize that we’ve been so programmed. I can’t believe I was living a lie all along.
    Through it all. Thank you to The Most High Yah for leading me to such honest teachers of his word. HalleluYah

  6. Great teaching, I need it in doses so it's properly planted that it may bare the fruit if self control in my in all areas, in the strength of the Holy spirit by which I am sealed.. HallauYah

  7. Romans 8: 6. For to be carnally minded is death: but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. This is so true, to be spiritually minded will save you from a lot of unnecessary headaches of life`s demands.


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