Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Quite loved the intro music video!!
    This is SUCH A GOOD SHARE👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    Still listening, but Dr. Umar's portion is 💯💯💯. HE IS ABSOLUTELY SOLID & CORRECT on the points he spoke on. He may be "off" in many ways, but the brutha is one of the most articulate and intelligent bruthas regarding the Black community.
    Let me continue to listen.
    Until we DEAL & LOVE OUR OWN – and stop worrying about OTHER NATIONS – THERE IS NO NATION.
    There are some of our people who act like they have to include everyone into OUR nation…and then wonder why we have discord. 🙄🙄🙄

  2. PERSUADED… You pare what your father is pertains ONLY to YaShaRahLa when we marry outside our Tribe NOT Nation. ALL mixed seed; be it a heathen mother or father, the child begotten is a heathen…PERIOD! The bloodline returns after three generations of said "heathen" child marrying Yi'SraeL and producing children; so on and so on!!!!

  3. To add further context to the chromosome argument on lineage: geneticists have found that the majority of the Y chromosome doesn’t undergo recombination. Recombination is when prices of each chromosome mix together. This happens when a daughter is formed from two XX, they exchange parts. However for all males, the Y they inherit is the the EXACT copy of what their father is. And their father’s copy is what their father’s Y was. So as the book says, you are what your father is (in the context of a male). And this is why he (YAH) didn’t want the females (or males mixing, but matters more for the female) because the female’s of bearing daughters to strangers will produce newer and newer genetic variation (dilution of the chosen stock) because of the XX crossing over. It is crazy how the Bible lines up to modern science, or put a better way, how science is further validating biblical truth.

  4. No a women has no seed. What is meant is she has the seed of Her Husband in her as the two of them upon sex have become ONE. once this happens and she gets pregnant then she has his seed inside of her.
    The book of Jasher is a good source but it was very fractured lots of fill ins in Jasher. A person is only of Israel if the mother and the Father is of Israel. A Black man and a White women get married and have a child that child is a Bastard and not a Israelite two scriptures Ezra 10: 1-44 and Deuteronomy 23:2 next If a Black man has a child with a Black women and if both of them are Israel and if the two of them are not married that Child is still a Israelite and not ever called a bastard his Father is officially married by making the women one with him with Sex. If the father doesn't acknowledge the child the bible calls the child simply a fatherless child. Lastly the main issue was in this wise. If a Prince from the Tribe of Judah had a Daughter and she marries a man of let's say the tribe of Levi remember the tribe of Levi Didn't get a land inheritance, This Daughter who is a Royal Princess if she has a Son from her husband a Levite she may try to claim her son is of her family seed line of her Father a Prince of Judah for a Land Play or a larger inheritance outside of what he would be entitled to by way of his Father Levi which is basically nothing. but a priory to study and practice the Law. SO to stop this You are the seed or family line of what your father is as long as both are Israelites. I do understand why so many people what to be of Israel it's the top of the line when it comes to blood, and people will do anything to claim this coveted blood line. Even Kill for it. I hope this helps .

  5. Brew I appreciate all that u r doing for our people. Please do me a solid Please mention going forward when u do these types of videos that people know that they can be grafted in by keeping the laws statues and commandments even if they're not 1 of us. That's part of our job right. Thanku Brew, keep up the good work


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