Armageddon or Gog & Magog, Russian weapon could shut down the entire Planet

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  1. they are not the real jews. we are lost in the americas untill he comes for us this my first time doing bible study with you sir i dont understand to much but i will listen thank you. i want it to be over its not what i want its in his hands. i told your wife i cant hardley tex so please forgive me you and your wife just bear with me this is my old man phone.this is a mind blower for me america will fall i pray for protection you know what is this blood drinking i dont want to drink blood its nasty. im not going to give up i be glad when he do. i know a little bit not much thank you for the word peace out

  2. Mr. Watchman that's true sir I think also the whole world is creepy now but uh, praise the most high. Sir do your research on the Direct Energy Weapons they use over there in California causing fires. My brother that's insane please pray for all us

  3. Shalom family really sad and depressed am so alone right now and not mean in that sense everything is going wrong the more i try to walk right. I know no pne will probably ever see this i got a new phone today and i dont have my Google password or fb and this sister just dont get it alot pf us work for the emeny and just dont realize it .and i hate to say this country already not our and the other people they allow to get business or what ever hate us as well and it so sad we looking at the killing these people are doing they know there time is near . and yet our is just aa close am about to lose my car rather have to ride around without insurance because there or those who feel i could been doing something .if you know what i mean. They turn you in to the dand v and they fine you and you got pay the fine the apartments where i live or more than i really can afford the man i waa living with who kind of responsibe for help me to my truth not in the truth at all really but am sure some of you are going through things as well i miss my groups tonite and about all tge friends i have but we better get ready the day will come and is come where we all be destroy so they think .and me who know i got my disability a fews mo ths back and had no one to want to carry on my name of my grandmother

  4. All the countries are in Africa today. It’s strange that they’re all gathering there now. Many people are talking about fleeing America within the next two years. Somebody has prophecy wrong. So you’re saying World War Three is Armageddon? If that’s true we might be leaving America in one or two years.

  5. Many nations are struggling with leadership issues. The Bible says when the righteous are in Authority, the people Rejoice; but when a wicked man rules the people groan.

  6. For crying out loud. When will the B.S. end?
    If you descendants of Subsaharan blacks are the "real Jews" why were you living in such primitive conditions when you were taken into slavery. Why did you embrace the Christian Bible if you were the real Jews.
    Why is it that those who reside in Israel now excel in Science, math, medicine, physics, chemistry and have won right at half of the Nobel prizes that have been awarded?
    Looks as if they are the Jews blessed by God especially compared to the descendants of Subsaharan blacks which had hardly invented the wheel when they left Africa.
    Why are you trying to convince yourself of B.S. and how did you go from worshipping God to not knowing anything about the God of the Bible when you were enslaved?

  7. I understsnd but Ito pray pray until the his wrath that's what I mean not literally go ba ck to the land.we are .I understand this prophecy

  8. The scripture doesn't support the destruction of the earth. Yeshua, will be back to slaughter all the wicked enemies. Isaiah 63:1. We need to follow his law and commandments. This should be our focus. The last War will be Yahs war. He has the last say. Shalom

  9. In Ezekiel 39: 17-22 it talks about eating flesh and drinking blood. Is this really supposed to be in this passage? Are we really going to eat flesh and drink the blood of the heathens? This doesn't make sense to me.

  10. I believe from what I understand this might be how we leave here I also believe amerikkk has to be taken out

  11. I did some looking in the Hebrew, and in Eze 38:14 the term used is עמי ישראל which can be interpreted as either "my people of israel" or "(the) peoples of Israel". The reason for this is that the term you saw before is a possible noun-noun construct where the first term עם (singular, a people) is either modified by the possessive terminal yod, עמי "my people" or the plural עמים ("peoples," which makes sense as there are a number of people there in that land) can be truncated to עמי which obviously appears exactly the same. Obviously, my people of Israel doesn't sound all that good…unless it isn't in construct form, where it actually does say "my people Israel"

    Either way, we know who the people of God are. Interesting talk, watchman.

  12. that's right, it's time to b getting right not left, lest you want your soul left. i ain't playing no games y'all, SHALOM….


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